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Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition

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photo Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition
photo Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition
photo Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition
photo Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition

How to buy Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition?

  •   Banggood ($7.19; €5.96)

1. Go to the product page - Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition

2. Get a discount!

1. Go to the site, and click on the button "Sign in" If you already have an account, or click "Register" if not.

2. Go to the product page by clicking on the link - Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition

  1. In the line "Color" click "black" (for the black one), "blue" (for the blue one), "silver" (for the silver one), "pink" (for the pink one), "purple" (for the purple one).
  2. Click on the button "Buy it Now"

3. Go to the next page where:

  1. Click on the button "Checkout with Paypal"
  2. You CAN pay the order

The price for this product is already minimal and there is no need to enter the coupon code.

Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition Specifications

Headphone type Dynamic
Acoustic design Closed
Form Factor In-ear earphones
Resistance 32 Ohm (Ω)
Frequency band 20-20000 Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB
Wire length 1.25 m
Headset Yes
Brand and model  
Brand Xiaomi
Model Piston Basic Edition



$7.19 (€5.96) - Banggood
The price in euros is indicated by the rate of the Aliexpress site. The price is approximate.

How to pay

Debit/credit card (Visa. Mastercard). Yandex money, Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney

Dates of the deal

08.01.2018 -


In Stock


ships out within 7-10 business days, Standard Shipping (Banggood).

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