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Smartphone review: Motorola Moto G200

Motorola Moto G200 - stripped-down flagship


Motorola is stepping up its attack on the leaders of the smartphone market. A huge number of Android users have liked the G100 for its performance, autonomy and attractive design. Even though there were some flaws in the model, it completely atoned for them at a democratic price. The hero of today's review is on the beaten track.

Smartphone review: Realme 9 Pro+

Realme 9 Pro+ - middle class or flagship?


The main line of budget smartphones of the Chinese company Realmi has been stagnating in terms of technical characteristics over the past few years. If for more than a year loyal fans of the brand did not perceive such a situation as a disadvantage, today part of the audience began to look at solutions from opponents. But it seems that the corporation was able to correct the situation in time.

Smartphone review: AGM Glory G1 Pro

AGM Glory G1 Pro - in pursuit of unnecessary things


The desire of the Chinese company AGM to return to its former positions is visible to the naked eye. Several new products at once this year have systematically led to the release of a full-fledged flagship expensive line. However, the developer decided to give priority not to performance or photographic capabilities, but to functionality, moreover, rather unusual and ambiguous. Will such a device become popular with a sophisticated audience?

Smartphone review: AGM Glory G1

AGM Glory G1 - controversial return


The Chinese company AGM, specializing in the production of smartphones with IP68 protection, several years ago was able to seriously declare itself with the X2 and X3 models. But apparently, most of the budget was spent on the products listed, and the money did not pay off due to the illiterate advertising campaign and the unknown brand for the audience as a whole. Due to the virtual failure, the corporation is only now showing signs of recovery and offers an updated flagship line. However, does the price of new products correspond to their functionality and quality?

Smartphone review: Ulefone Note 6P

Ulefone Note 6P - insufficient improvements


The Chinese company Ulefon is far from international success, however, very strong and relevant smartphones sometimes come out from under its conveyor, achieving good sales and audience love. But unsuccessful models from the manufacturer are not uncommon. The developer decided to improve one of these pass-through phones and bring it to the standards of the price category. The corporation coped with the task only partially.

Smartphone review: Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 - expensive and tasteful


What should a modern camera phone be like? Among the proposed options, with a high degree of probability, there will be such epithets as productive, beautiful, autonomous and ergonomic. The hero of today's review meets all the specified qualities, however, the manufacturer's price tag for such a device is far from being very humane.

Smartphone review: Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro - significant improvements


The fifth generation of Google's Pixel lineup has caused controversial emotions among fans of the brand. Although the device finally acquired an up-to-date design and retained its proprietary outstanding photographic capabilities, technical characteristics that were mediocre for the upper price segment affected the popularity of the gadget. The hero of today's review eliminates all the shortcomings, but the overpriced price tag is still an obstacle on the path of the phablet to the title of a real bestseller.

Smartphone review: Vivo X80

Vivo X80 - a flagship with a discount?


The X-series of smartphones of the Chinese company Vivo with each generation is becoming more beautiful, technologically advanced and often more pleasant in terms of price policy. The need for greater audience coverage, as well as maintaining competition with market leaders, forces the corporation to create phones that are closer to perfection. The hero of today's review also refers to this kind of devices.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ - maximum return with minimum investment


The Chinese company Xiaomi has largely gained its popularity thanks to the line of excellent phablets of the Redmi series, which already belongs to a separate sub-brand. Recently, however, several generations of devices have not differed much, which, although it had little effect on the still excellent sales, made a number of brand fans think about buying smartphones from competitors. But it seems that the world-famous corporation has decided to change the situation and demonstrate a strong progress in technical characteristics in the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Honor X30i

Honor X30i - repetition for opponents


The separation of the Chinese company Honor from the parent corporation Huawei and the gradual adaptation to the new working conditions affected the company's product range and the speed of its filling. Once one of the leaders of the smartphone market, now it often finds itself in the laggard role. So, the hero of today's review could well qualify for excellent sales, if he came out six months earlier.

Smartphone review: Vivo T1x

Vivo T1x - the evolution of low-cost smartphones


Times are changing, and if we look at the smart phone market, they are changing for the better. Thanks to progress, more and more people can get a truly functional mobile assistant, because productive and technological models are increasingly found even in the middle price segment. One of these gadgets was the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Motorola Moto G71

Motorola Moto G71 - closer to success


The history of Motorola has many similarities with that of Nokia. The manufacturer was once one of the leaders in the industry, but a series of wrong decisions led to the fact that the rights to the brand belong to Lenovo today. The developer did not adapt to the updated market conditions too quickly, but it seems that every year we will receive more and more current models. The hero of today's review is a clear confirmation of this.

Smartphone review: Cubot J10

Cubot J10 - we don't need such a compact


The average screen size of a smartphone has grown significantly over the past few years, as progress has made it possible to get rid of display bezels even in relatively inexpensive phones. As a result, the user gets the opportunity to more convenient and enjoyable web surfing, watching videos and other operations while maintaining the ergonomics of the mobile assistant. However, part of the audience still wants to get a compact Android smartphone. It is at her that the hero of today's review is aimed, although the dimensions have become, in fact, his only competitive advantage.

Smartphone review: Doogee S35T

Doogee S35T - what to do with the buildings?


The production of smartphones can be compared to the preparation of a dish. You decided to make a pizza, it turned out very good, the guests are happy, but you still have a lot of flour and some ingredients left. What to do with them? That's right, use it to create your favorite Italians next time. It was this logic that the Chinese company Dodge was guided by, implementing warehouse balances in the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro - incremental improvements


Just a few years ago, every Note-line smartphone from the Chinese company Xiaomi was perceived as a revolution in the industry. The flagship third-generation performance for its time, the first 48-megapixel camera in the price category for the representatives of the seventh series is a short list of the competitive advantages of the legendary phones. However, now the manufacturer is pursuing a different strategy, gradually improving successful gadgets. But are these changes enough for an increasingly demanding audience?

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 - on the beaten track?


The Chinese company Xiaomi, although it loves to experiment, adheres to the rule that everything is good in moderation. The hero of today's review is in many ways similar to its predecessor, however, it eliminates a number of its problems and improves its main advantages. Will such changes be enough for the success of the gadget?

Smartphone review: Oppo X Fold

Oppo X Fold - the layouts are changing


The Chinese company Oppo is getting closer to the leading positions in the smartphone market every day. The impressive budget of the BBK concern and the abundance of qualified specialists made it possible for the corporation to quickly compensate for the technological gap and catch up with such A-brands as Samsung, Huawei. Now it's time to launch the firm's first flexible display phone.

Smartphone review: Vivo T1

Vivo T1 - new perspectives


The Chinese company Vivo does not stand still and tries to adapt both to the actions of competitors and to the requests of fans. The newest T-series is aimed at the mid-price segment, where the largest battles between large manufacturers are taking place today. The hero of today's review will be the first phone in the line and, in combination, a product that can take away a large part of the audience from Xiaomi, Huawei and other opponents of the brand.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Black Shark 4S

Xiaomi Black Shark 4S - has something changed?


The release of an updated version of a popular smartphone is a simple and difficult task at the same time. On the one hand, the add-on does not need serious improvements, since most of the technical characteristics remain relevant, on the other hand, a demanding audience should still have reasons to change their "outdated" device to a more recent one. The Chinese company Xiaomi believes that an exclusively redesigned design can be such a reason for buying. Are her judgments correct?

Smartphone review: Oppo K9s

Oppo K9s - about what a sub-flag should be


Every Android user wants to get top-end performance, autonomy and decent functionality of a mobile assistant, but not everyone can afford to buy an expensive flagship. In addition, representatives of the higher price category have significantly risen in price over the year, which is why the purchase of their simplified brothers in the line seems to be a more reasonable decision. That is why smartphones like the hero of today's review are more relevant every day.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO Neo5s

Vivo IQOO Neo5s - envy awakening?


It seems that the Chinese company Vivo has been simply mocking Android users from Europe and the CIS for the past few months. The new representatives of the Neo-line of smartphones simply amaze with their technical characteristics and a whole scattering of competitive advantages at a very reasonable price, and it is not so easy to buy them outside of China. The hero of today's review brings the price-to-quality ratio to some indecent heights.

Smartphone review: Oppo Reno7 Pro

Oppo Reno7 Pro - losing to ourselves


The Chinese concern BBK, which includes Vivo, Oppo and OnePlus, is definitely not experiencing financial problems, because if you add up the smartphone market shares of these companies, it will exceed that of both Samsung and Apple. However, the variety of sub-brands and, as a consequence, the products they produce, gradually affects the quality of the assortment. The hero of today's review cannot be scolded for flaws in design or functionality, but he has no less interesting opponents among his brothers in the parent corporation.

Smartphone review: Honor X30 Max

Honor X30 Max - phablets are not extinct!


The mobile device industry strives to combine as many functions as possible in one gadget. A couple of decades ago, the telephone began to replace the MP3 player, and gradually the GPS navigator, and the camera, and many other things, without which we could not imagine our life. The hero of today's review combines a smartphone and a tablet, trying to maintain reasonable dimensions and advanced functionality.

Smartphone review: Motorola Moto G51

Motorola Moto G51 - chasing competitors


Over the past few years, Motorola has managed to declare itself with a number of successful smartphones, but the corporation has not yet gained its former glory and, moreover, the leading position in the market. The reason for this is both a mediocre marketing campaign and an abundance of openly pass-through phones. The predecessors of the hero of today's review did not become bestsellers, but it is he who has the chance to rectify the situation.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO 9 Pro

Vivo IQOO 9 Pro - classic bestseller


The Chinese company Vivo can hardly be called experimenting. While the corporation's direct competitors are trying to create flagships with a flexible screen or other innovations, the aforementioned manufacturer is only developing the functionality and photo capabilities of all-in-one monoblocks that are familiar to everyone. However, I absolutely do not want to recognize such a strategy as unsuccessful at the sight of the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: ZTE Axon 31 Ultra 5G

ZTE Axon 31 Ultra 5G - one step away from the flagship heights


The Chinese company ZTE is still poorly represented in Europe and the CIS, however, the corporation's recovery after numerous litigations and related financial expenses is noticeable to the naked eye. For example, the current flagships are not much inferior to the best alternatives from well-known brands, but still, in terms of functionality and a number of other parameters, they are still far from ideal. The hero of today's review is a clear confirmation of this.

Smartphone review: Ulefone Armor X9 Pro

Ulefone Armor X9 Pro - durable and outdated


The Chinese company Ulefon is not opposed to receiving additional income by re-releasing its smartphones, however, the manufacturer sometimes chooses models for such a process that are not the most successful. So, the hero of today's review saddens both with its design and performance, which are more typical of phones of three years ago.

Smartphone review: Realme GT Neo 2T

Realme GT Neo 2T - tiny changes for massive success?


What smartphone manufacturer doesn't like to expand its product range with nearly identical models? So the Chinese company Realmi decided to first try out a rather experimental gadget on the territory of its homeland, and only then release it under a different name outside the Celestial Empire with minor design revisions.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco F4 Pro

Xiaomi Poco F4 Pro - game improvements


Smartphones of a sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi called Poco are mostly aimed at providing maximum performance and battery life at more than reasonable prices. In particular, this definition suits the top-end solutions of the developer with the index F. The hero of today's review is trying not only to follow the traditions of the series, but also to offer new competitive advantages.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Lite

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Lite - not forgotten old yet?


Restarting a once successful product is potentially profitable and not particularly costly, since most of the production process has already been established, and the components have been purchased long ago. The Chinese company Xiaomi decided to follow a similar path, but how relevant is the hero of today's review in the current realities?

Smartphone review: Ulefone Power Armor 14

Ulefone Power Armor 14 - following traditions


The Chinese company Ulefon recently surprised its fans by combining two lines of smartphones at once, aimed at increased durability and autonomy. The resulting devices turned out to be very long-playing and able to withstand falls, dust and moisture, which affected their popularity, even with extremely mediocre ergonomics. The hero of today's review continues the work of his predecessors, but shifts the focus to the low-middle price segment.

Smartphone review: Oppo Reno7 Pro+

Oppo Reno7 Pro+ - a camera phone that brings perfection closer


Reno-line of smartphones from the Chinese company Oppo has always delighted fans of mobile photography, significantly surpassing many opponents in the quality of the created material. However, every year it is more difficult to surprise sophisticated photographers, because progress does not stand still, and requests are becoming higher. Fortunately, the hero of today's review has something to offer a demanding audience.

Smartphone review: Huawei Mate V

Huawei Mate V - new technologies become more accessible


The numerous financial problems of the Chinese company Huawei did not diminish its desire to remain in the top five leaders in the smartphone market. The manufacturer still pleases its loyal fans with many interesting phones, among which there are really technological and competitive solutions. One of these products is the hero of today's review, capable of offering an innovative form factor at a fairly reasonable price tag.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO Z5x

Vivo IQOO Z5x - reasonable extension of the line


How difficult is it to create a relatively inexpensive smartphone that would suit gamers, connoisseurs of beauty, and fans of autonomous mobile assistants? Perhaps this is an almost impossible task, but the Chinese company Vivo was able to cope with it brilliantly, slightly simplifying one of its sub-flagship models.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Civi Pro

Xiaomi Civi Pro - total pleasure


The Chinese company Xiaomi does not stand still and literally every day tries to change under the updated market conditions. So, the manufacturer decided to seriously modify the CC line of smartphones, changing not only its name, but also the direction of the products presented. The hero of today's review amazes not only with the beauty and build quality, but also with one of the best display for the price segment. But won't other parameters of the phablet weaken the delight from the above advantages?

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco M4

Xiaomi Poco M4 - the importance of the corrected deficiencies


The sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi called Poco quickly found a huge number of fans around the world. The ability to combine functionality in its products, a competent balance of technical characteristics and, at the same time, an extremely attractive price distinguishes the corporation from its opponents. The smartphone called M3 met all these criteria and instantly became a bestseller, but a year after its release, it slightly lost its relevance. The hero of today's review should repeat the success of his predecessor and even multiply it. Why? Let's figure it out.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO Neo7 Lite

Vivo IQOO Neo7 Lite is a sub-flag worthy of more


The marketers of the Chinese company Vivo sometimes unpleasantly surprise with their conclusions. So, the corporation sometimes releases openly pass-through smartphones to the global market without a specific target audience. At the same time, the developer does not sell a number of phones that are truly capable of international success outside of China. The hero of today's review did not escape such a fate.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G

Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G - unhurried improvements


Smartphones of the Chinese company Poco (a sub-brand of Xiaomi corporation) with the M3 index have become extremely popular all over the world. The models received the love of the audience due to the combination of functionality, autonomy and an incredibly attractive price. The users especially liked the Pro version, the design and parameters of which made the opponents of the developer nervous. The hero of today's review has retained all the positive features of its predecessor, only slightly developing each of them. But will such changes be enough to continue to be successful?

Smartphone review: Nokia G300

Nokia G300 - when the problem is not only in the price


The Nokia company today is a completely different corporation in comparison with the manufacturer that was 10-20 years ago. Now the organization is owned by other people, and products are often characterized by the worst functionality in comparison with opponents. However, the developers' hope for nostalgia from the audience does not fade away, which is why models like the hero of today's review appear, the overpriced price tag of which is justified.

Smartphone review: Blackview Oscal C20 Pro

Blackview Oscal C20 Pro - too cheap?


The Chinese company Blackview, although it specializes in smartphones of the lower and middle price segment, nevertheless decided to create a separate sub-brand for the most budget phones. The first representatives of the assortment of the new corporation were greeted by the audience rather coolly. The reason for this was the excessive simplification of the parameters of new products with a not too low price tag. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review in this aspect does not differ from his predecessors.

Smartphone review: Blackview BV4900S

Blackview BV4900S - miserable deterioration


The Chinese company Blackview has recently focused on rugged mid-price smartphones, somewhat forgetting about more budget devices. The developer decided to expand the range in a simple but proven way. So, the design and most of the parameters were transferred from the already released gadget, and the technical characteristics were significantly simplified. Unfortunately, the manufacturer clearly went overboard with this action.

Smartphone review: LeTV S1

LeTV S1 - unexpected but weak return


The Chinese company LeTV was just a few years ago one of the leaders in the industry, but numerous lawsuits due to the peculiar behavior of the organization's management actually led to its bankruptcy. But after a long period of time, the corporation found the strength for a partial recovery and even created the hero of today's review, which is aimed at the line of low and medium price segments of the market. Unfortunately, the new product is far from its legendary predecessors.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy F42 5G

Samsung Galaxy F42 5G - ridiculous flaws


The Korean company Samsung does not have the experience of creating smartphones of the middle price segment, however, even the leaders of the industry can have blunders. So, the hero of today's review was one step away from becoming a real hit, but the developer decided to save on its cost to reduce the final price tag. This act, with a high degree of probability, will become fatal.

Smartphone review: F150 R2022

F150 R2022 - when technologies did not become an obstacle to durability


Although the newly minted sub-brand of the Chinese company Aukitel unpleasantly surprises with its strange name, the protected smartphones it produces do not cause such radical complaints. Representatives of both low and medium price segments are trying to combine modern functionality, impressive autonomy and even the rudiments of an attractive design. The hero of today's review is no exception to the above rule.

Smartphone review: Realme Q3s

Realme Q3s - increase in productivity


The Q-series of smartphones from the Realmi company finds a huge number of fans in the developer's homeland. Mostly related to the middle price segment, gadgets perfectly combine an eye-pleasing design and fairly wide functionality. However, the average Android user becomes more sophisticated every year, so the manufacturer has to come up with new competitive advantages for their products. So, the hero of today's review is able to boast of an almost flagship chipset.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco C31

Xiaomi Poco C31 is not at all what was expected


Fans of Poco, a sub-brand of the famous Chinese company Xiaomi, were eagerly awaiting the September launch of the brand's new products. However, instead of the long-awaited continuation of the X-series, the corporation decided to present to the public a more budgetary smartphone. Does the novelty deserve attention or does the necessity of its existence raise serious questions?

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G - balance worthy of a purchase


Over the past few years, the Korean company Samsung has been able to significantly improve the products of the lower and middle price segment. Now the brand's inexpensive smartphones easily compete with Chinese opponents in terms of both design beauty and functionality. The hero of today's review is trying to provide the maximum combination of performance, autonomy and display quality for the value category. Does this ambitious new product work out well?

Smartphone review: Meizu 18S

Meizu 18S is a ghostly bestseller


The popularity of the Chinese company Meizu in the countries of Europe and the CIS is no longer as high as it was several years ago. Excellent in design smartphones with an abundance of competitive advantages are now sold exclusively in China with the appropriate software due to financial problems of the developer. But models like the hero of today's review could disperse in millions of copies.

Smartphone review: Meizu 18x

Meizu 18x - unexpected sub-flag


The Chinese company Meizu has already been largely forgotten by Android users from Europe and the CIS. In just a couple of years, the successful corporation lost the competition to other A-brands due to mediocre product support and problems with software and marketing. Now the manufacturer has focused exclusively on the Chinese market, but even for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom, the release of the hero of today's review came as a surprise.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro

Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro - gamers jubilation


A sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi called Poco, from its inception, pleases buyers with incredible performance for a reasonable price. And although developers sometimes have to make significant trade-offs to achieve this result, such situations become less common over time. The hero of today's review is a clear confirmation of this. Android game fans will love it.

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