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Phone Reviews

Ulefone Armor 21 phone review

Ulefone Armor 21 - immortal music


The Chinese company Ulefone is not least known for its IP68-protected smartphones. However, it is already difficult to surprise an increasingly demanding audience with a bet on increased durability. That is why the developer invents new competitive advantages that would not increase the cost of the product too much. And it seems that the manufacturer was able to find the key to the hearts of music lovers.

Doogee S100 Pro phone review

Doogee S100 Pro - strange improvements, clear deterioration


Pro-versions of smartphones for the most part differ for the better in comparison with the "ordinary" predecessors. However, sometimes changes cause twofold emotions. So, the hero of today's review has become much more autonomous, but lost in ergonomics and even in functionality.

Samsung Galaxy F54 phone review

Samsung Galaxy F54 - what should be an inexpensive smartphone


The first mid-range phones from the Korean company Samsung evoked mixed emotions even among loyal fans of the corporation, but in just a few years the manufacturer was able to make them not only competitive, but even better than many opponents. So, the hero of the review offers impressive functionality and insane autonomy for its affordable price tag.

Realme C53 phone review

Realme C53 - inexpensive and uninteresting


The Chinese company Realme is able to create great smartphones in any price category, which it has proven time and again. However, every time it is difficult to revolutionize the market, because the development of relevant and competitive phones requires significant labor and financial costs. That is why the range of products provided sometimes has to be filled with devices like the hero of the review.

Cubot King Kong 9 phone review

Cubot King Kong 9 - technology and strength cannot be redundant


The Chinese company Cubot decided to complete the half year with the finalization of a series of secure smartphones. Surprisingly, in this category of devices, the developer has significantly improved its products in literally all possible parameters. The refined design, improved performance and functionality have been supplemented by several extraordinary features that will definitely not be superfluous for the buyer.

Cubot X70 phone review

Cubot X70 - progress for the brand


The last few years can hardly be called successful for the Chinese company Cubot. From under the manufacturer's conveyor, dozens of rather controversial smartphones were released that did not find a response from the audience. However, the developer was still able to gain some profit, because the hero of today's review demonstrates a significant improvement in design and technical characteristics for its price segment.

Nothing Phone 2 phone review

Nothing Phone 2 - repeat success?


The Chinese company Nothing, which includes some of the former employees of the well-known OnePlus corporation, has done the impossible. In just a year, the manufacturer was able to get fans around the world. Of course, the original design of smartphones and accessories of the brand, a worthy combination of their price and quality, played a significant role in achieving the result. The hero of the review is only trying to improve the situation.

Google Pixel Fold phone review

Google Pixel Fold - initiation to innovation


The era of smartphones with a flexible screen has already arrived. And although there are not so many representatives of this category of devices, more and more large manufacturers are trying to impress their fans with just such high-tech flagships. The world-famous Google company did not stand aside. Unfortunately, the phone turned out to be weaker in places than the solutions of opponents.

HOTWAV T5 Max smartphone review

HOTWAV T5 Max - ruggedness and functionality without the need for investment


The modern smartphone market is developing at a really fast pace. Every year mobile assistants get more new features, become more productive, more autonomous and at the same time more affordable. A significant number of fans have and phones with high durability and protection from dust and moisture. And if a few years ago the price tag of such gadgets has always been a few tens of thousands of rubles, today the device with IP68-protection are much cheaper. HOTWAV T5 Max is one of the best representatives of inexpensive smartphones with enhanced durability in the low price segment. The gadget will try to prove this statement in our review.

Oukitel K16 phone review

Oukitel K16 - small and stylish


The size of a modern smartphone has increased significantly in recent years, because it is much easier to interact with a large screen and, as a result, a massive amount of information displayed on it. However, there is still a category of users on the market who want to get a compact mobile assistant for their use. It was for them that the hero of today's review was created.

OnePlus Ace 2 Pro phone review

OnePlus Ace 2 Pro - when you need performance


A huge number of fans of mobile electronics dream of acquiring a truly powerful smartphone. Someone wants to get an extremely smooth operating system interface, someone wants to try out cutting-edge gaming novelties with their impeccable graphics. However, devices based on flagship processors are mostly very expensive. Fortunately, the hero of today's review is a pleasant exception to this rule.

Honor 90 phone review

Honor 90 - long-awaited progress


The flagship smartphones of the Chinese company Honor over the past few years have caused only mixed emotions among fans of the corporation. Phones surprisingly combined excellent design, good photo opportunities and mediocre technical characteristics for the price category. However, the manufacturer still heard the indignation of the audience and corrected such a critical flaw.

Realme 11 phone review

Realme 11 - beautiful mediocrity?


It is not easy to create an inexpensive, but incredibly balanced smartphone in an era of another economic crisis and rising prices for components. This is evidenced by the obvious stagnation of the technical characteristics of phones in the middle price segment. To successfully fight for a buyer, manufacturers have to look for other competitive advantages for their products. So, the Chinese company Realme has relied on excellent design. But the rest of the novelty is not impressive.

Oukitel C33 phone review

Oukitel C33 - everything and more!


The Chinese company Oukitel is capable of original and at the same time successful solutions. So, the manufacturer decided to make a large amount of both operational and permanent memory the main competitive advantage of its inexpensive new product. Surprisingly, the opponents of the device are not ready to boast of such distinctive features. But what about the other parameters of the device? Let's figure it out.

UMIDIGI G3 Max Mecha phone review

UMIDIGI G3 Max Mecha is the best in the line


The Chinese company Umidigi decided to please its fans with a whole bunch of new products with the G3 index. Each of the devices is distinguished by a good price-quality ratio, but it was the hero of the review that became the most interesting and in many ways unexpected. Why? Let's figure it out.

UMIDIGI G3 phone review

UMIDIGI G3 - durable, stylish and cheap


A significant part of the income of the Chinese company Umidigi is the proceeds from the sale of low-cost phones. The audience of such devices is not particularly whimsical, but over time, such users increasingly want to get decent functionality, excellent autonomy, and much more. The hero of today's review, of course, will not be able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated buyers, but he will find his fans.

Motorola Edge 40 phone review

Motorola Edge 40 is such an expensive mid-ranger


The Chinese company Motorola knows how to surprise, but not always in a positive way. So, sometimes a manufacturer produces phones that are simply incredible in terms of price and quality for the domestic market, while leaving rather mediocre devices for other countries. So, the hero of today's review could well deserve an abundance of compliments, if his price tag were not so high.

UMIDIGI G3 Plus phone review

UMIDIGI G3 Plus - focus on low price


The demanding audience of the smartphone market is increasingly bypassing new products that are unable to stand out from the background of opponents. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for manufacturers to give advantages to their products in such a competitive environment. Fortunately, the Chinese company Umidigi is still able to cope with such a task. So, in the hero of today's review, the bet is made on an extremely attractive price tag.

UMIDIGI G3 Max phone review

UMIDIGI G3 Max - important competitive advantages


Today's smartphone market is highly competitive in all price segments. Each manufacturer tries to demonstrate the maximum of its capabilities, which is why it is sometimes extremely difficult to distinguish its products from the background of opponents' devices. The Chinese company Umidigi has found a way to outdo its competitors, albeit not in all respects of the hero of the review.

Vivo S17e phone review

Vivo S17e - combining all the best


The S-series of smartphones from the Chinese company Vivo is evolving every year, providing not only a more stylish design, but also improved photo capabilities and improved functionality. The hero of today's review, although it is the most affordable model in the current generation, but fully fits the specified description.

Doogee V20 Pro phone review

Doogee V20 Pro - great tool, controversial smartphone?


The Chinese company Doogee does not miss the opportunity to expand the range of secure phones, while it approaches the process creatively. Thus, devices of the middle and highest price categories are replenished not just with the same type of specimens, but with really diverse devices with advanced and sometimes even innovative functionality. It is a pity that other aspects of models like ergonomics are not always encouraging.

Ulefone Note 16 Pro phone review

Ulefone Note 16 Pro is a good but not ideal choice


Over the past year, low-end smartphones have taken a big step forward in terms of performance. The reason for this was the emergence of inexpensive eight-core processors with decent video accelerators. However, a sophisticated audience wants to get wide functionality from affordable devices. Unfortunately, in this regard, the hero of today's review bypasses far from all opponents.

Teclast T40S phone review

Teclast T40S - design, unusual for the price segment


Creating an inexpensive tablet is a difficult task and beyond the control of many manufacturers. Fortunately, the Chinese company Teclast is not among them. An experienced developer easily and naturally makes balanced and beautiful devices that can give odds to more expensive opponents. So, the hero of today's review can impress with a stunning appearance at its modest price.

Vivo IQOO Neo 8 Pro phone review

Vivo IQOO Neo 8 Pro - reaching new heights


The segment of sub-flagship smartphones is becoming more attractive to users every year. The performance and functionality of such models are growing at a rapid pace, which is why overpaying for full-fledged flagships sometimes seems unnecessary. The hero of today's review, surprising with its technical characteristics, is also ready to take away the audience from representatives of the highest price category.

Blackview BV5300 Pro phone review

Blackview BV5300 Pro - non-professional improvements


Pro-versions of certain smartphones are usually characterized not only by an increased price tag, but also by significant changes in performance, functionality, or other kinds of phone parameters. However, such metamorphoses are not always worthy of additional payment. And the hero of today's review only proves this statement.

Blackview BV5300 phone review

Blackview BV5300 - strength without zest


The segment of low-cost smartphones with moisture protection according to IP68 standards is evolving rapidly. The performance, autonomy, photo capabilities of such phones have made significant progress in just a few years. Unfortunately, some developers are still hoping to sell stocks of old components at the same price tags, so not all new items are equally good. For example, a similar situation happened to the hero of the review.

Blackview Oscal C70 phone review

Blackview Oscal C70 - repeating the formula


Is it necessary to reinvent the wheel when there is a working recipe for making a profit? This is a question sometimes asked by smartphone manufacturers. So, the Chinese company Blackview decided to simply repeat its recent bestseller, only slightly updating its design and several indicators. Is this the right move? Let's figure it out.

Cubot KingKong Power phone review

Cubot KingKong Power is a deceptive name


Sometimes smartphone manufacturers like to mislead buyers with strange indices, numbers and other things in the name of their products. So, the hero of today's review may initially seem like a device with an emphasis on performance, but a close acquaintance reveals a completely different picture.

Blackview BV9300 phone review

Blackview BV9300 - a step in the wrong direction?


The Chinese company Blackview does not forget to update its flagships, however, the top smartphones of not the largest manufacturer still noticeably lag behind the market leaders in terms of performance and other parameters. Unfortunately, things don't get better with time. The hero of today's review is a clear confirmation of this, because its improvements against the background of its predecessors cannot always be called as such.

Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro phone review

Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro - for entertainment and more


Many Poco smartphones from Xiaomi became not just commercially successful models, but bestsellers. F1, F3 - the list is really long. And it seems that the hero of today's review is ready to join this list of successful devices. At the same time, gamers, photographers, and many other users will like it.

Blackview N6000 phone review

Blackview N6000 - maximum strength and functionality, minimum dimensions


Compact smartphones with full protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 standards are incredibly rare and produced rather as an exception, because it contradicts all market trends. However, there is a demand for such devices, which is what the Chinese company Blackview decided to take advantage of.

Xiaomi CIVI 3 phone review

Xiaomi CIVI 3 - from beauty to performance


The CIVI line of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi has always delighted users with its stunning design and thoughtful ergonomics. However, the manufacturer devoted much less time to other aspects of phones. The hero of today's review largely corrects this misunderstanding, making the device attractive to most of the audience.

OnePlus Nord N30 phone review

OnePlus Nord N30 - lost relevance


Today's smartphone market is characterized by incredible competition among manufacturers in every price segment. And if the developer is late with the release of new items for at least two or three months, then his products may well fail against the backdrop of released phones of opponents. The hero of the review is not only a clone of CE 3 Lite, but is simply of little relevance.

Samsung Galaxy A24 4G phone review

The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is an unexpectedly great phone


The Korean company Samsung is well aware of the need to fight with Chinese opponents for the audience of the smartphone market. If a few years ago the largest corporation could produce far from relevant and balanced products in the hope of choosing a well-known brand by the user, then today such thoughts will only lead to failure. That is why we are seeing such interesting gadgets like the hero of the review.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra phone review

Xiaomi 13 Ultra - dream camera phone


The Chinese company Xiaomi has seriously increased the number of experts in mobile photography. The result was the appearance of several devices at once, significantly superior to opponents in the quality of photo and video recording. The hero of today's review pushes the competitive advantages of its predecessors even further, while offering flagship performance and excellent functionality.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro phone review

Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro - real gaming


There are more and more gamers considering the Android operating system as one of the main ones for high-quality gameplay. The abundance of ports from PC and consoles, the emergence of excellent multi-platform titles and emulators allow you to get hundreds of hours of pleasure. That is why the Chinese company Xiaomi decided to significantly increase the performance of its tablets, which will definitely please a large part of the audience.

Xiaomi Pad 6 phone review

Xiaomi Pad 6 - even faster, even more relevant


The Chinese Xiaomi company has significantly improved its position in the tablet market due to the release of several successful devices in the medium and high price segments at once. Against the background of opponents, gadgets were characterized by the best assembly materials, performance, and so on. The hero of today's review continues this trend and offers previously unseen value for money, as well as a number of new competitive advantages.

Oukitel WP23 phone review

Oukitel WP23 - focus on durability and autonomy


Smartphones with full protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 standards do not lose their relevance. Many people love the deliberate brutality of rubberized cases, and the functionality of such models, even in the low price segment, does not upset. The hero of today's review is just an inexpensive device with increased resistance to drops, which a number of users will find it difficult to resist buying.

Vivo X Fold2 phone review

Vivo X Fold2 - the perfect smartphone is now even better?


Flip phones are becoming more common. If the first copies of such technology were fragile, short-lived and a number of other problems, then every year we get more and more technological, beautiful and interesting models. The predecessor of the device considered in the review was already close to perfection, but the novelty manages to surprise.

ZTE Axon 50 Ultra phone review

ZTE Axon 50 Ultra is a smartphone that could be better


The number of good phones on the market today exceeds all reasonable limits, but there are not so many excellent models that will be remembered for several years. The hero of the review had every chance of becoming a bestseller, which would be legendary, however, critical shortcomings will clearly reduce its total sales.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12S phone review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12S - down the road of deterioration


In the arsenal of the Chinese company Xiaomi, there are far from a dozen good smartphones that can meet the needs of the most whimsical users. However, over time, the audience requires more and more functionality from devices of medium and even low-mid price categories. And it seems that the hero of today's review will upset buyers in these aspects, because it is in many ways inferior even to its predecessor.

ASUS ROG Phone 7 Ultimate phone review

ASUS ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is an uncompromising solution for rich gamers


Gaming smartphones are growing in popularity thanks to the emergence of really high-quality Android games, as well as the creation of more and more console emulators. It's nice to remember the past hits of the PlayStation, Dreamcast or GameCube on your favorite mobile assistant, and projects with the Nintendo Switch are now more playable. The hero of today's review will help you try out all the variety of titles, however, you will have to pay an impressive price.

Smartphone review: Asus ROG Phone 7

Asus ROG Phone 7 - listening to comments


Even the most technologically advanced smartphone is often not without a number of minor flaws. Correcting such disadvantages is often left to the model follower, who should be better in almost every aspect. The hero of today's review largely copes with this task, but the developer was given this achievement at a high price. Literally and figuratively.

Realme Narzo N55 phone review

Realme Narzo N55 - almost a hit?


The Chinese company Realme successfully competes with the market leaders, but the corporation's product range does not consist of only bestsellers. Nevertheless, rather mediocre smartphones and devices that lack only a few finishing touches before success come out from under the manufacturer’s conveyor. The hero of today's review became such an apparatus.

Huawei Nova 11 Ultra phone review

Huawei Nova 11 Ultra - when only the name remains of the flagship


The Nova line of smartphones from the Chinese company Huawei has been known for its incredible value for money for years. Its most expensive models easily competed with the leaders of the highest price category in terms of performance, functionality and photographic capabilities. Unfortunately, the situation has changed and not for the better.

Doogee N50 phone review

Doogee N50 - bright youth smartphone


What should be a smart phone for an active young man? Beautiful, functional and, of course, inexpensive. The hero of today's review fully fits this description, however, it still could not do without minor flaws.

Doogee V30T 5G phone review

Doogee V30T 5G - performance improvement


The Chinese company Doogee is known to many fans of mobile electronics thanks to the release of inexpensive smartphones. Among them there are a number of gadgets with moisture protection. The popular V30 was such a model, also pleasing with excellent functionality and outstanding autonomy. The hero of today's review is a great addition to the hit, which significantly increases the relevance of the device.

Realme 11 Pro+ phone review

Realme 11 Pro+ - improvements that won't be enough


Mid-range smartphones are rarely perfectly balanced. Achieving a reasonable cost in the global economic crisis is not an easy task, and manufacturers still need to demonstrate the progress of devices in comparison with their predecessors. Although the hero of today's review has become better, the changes turned out to be clearly insufficient to increase sales.

Realme 11 Pro phone review

Realme 11 Pro - when you don't want to hear customers


The tenth generation of inexpensive mid-range smartphones from Realme turned out to be clearly not the most successful. If the design of devices has become more interesting, then the technical characteristics have remained at the same performance levels, and the final price is now even worse. Unfortunately, the developer did not listen to the indignation of the audience and, in fact, released the same controversial device with minor changes.

Motorola Edge 40 Pro phone review

Is Motorola Edge 40 Pro the unsung king?


Smartphones from Motorola can hardly be called unpopular, but their popularity in Europe and the CIS is minimal against the background of opponents from American, Korean and Chinese competitors. Users sometimes pass by not only mediocre models, but also real diamonds that have an incredible combination of price and functionality. This is exactly what the hero of today's review has become.

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