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Smartphone review: Huawei P50

Huawei P50 - ideal for a photographer


The Chinese company Huawei, even in such difficult conditions for itself (the prohibition of installing Google services, the impossibility of working with Qualcomm and developing its own Kirin chips), is increasing its sales worldwide. The reason for this is even greater emphasis on value for money, which is difficult to resist. In addition, the developer tries to correctly segment the products. So, a significant share of the cost of the hero of today's review went precisely to his photographic capabilities.

Smartphone review: Nokia C30

Nokia C30 - weak response to opponents


The Nokia company is still sufficiently present in the smartphone markets of the USA, Europe and the CIS, but the brand's popularity is declining due to the abundance of frankly mediocre products. And although interesting phones still come out from under the developer's conveyor, models like the hero of today's review can finally undermine people's faith in the viability of the corporation.

Smartphone review: Oppo Reno6 4G

Oppo Reno6 4G - a victim of high expectations?


The Chinese company Oppo is today one of the leaders in the smartphone industry, but this title requires constant work. Analysis of the actions of opponents, the current and future market situation, as well as thorough planning of activities for several years ahead - this is a short list of tasks that such corporations face. In addition, you need to meet the needs of loyal fans of the brand. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review does not cope with such a goal and is a slightly modified version of its predecessor.

Smartphone review: AGM H3

AGM H3 - hesitant return


The Chinese company AGM, specializing in the production of secure smartphones, disappeared from radars about one and a half to two years ago. After the successful flagship X3, the corporation created a number of highly controversial models that did not find much response from the audience. Did the developer cope with the problems that arose and can the hero of today's review become more successful than most of his predecessors? It seems that the answer will be rather negative.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy A52s

Samsung Galaxy A52s - flagship improvement


The Korean company Samsung has decided to really tackle the mid-price segment of the smartphone market and chase after the reigning Chinese companies. Thus, the original A52 phone already possessed a number of significant competitive advantages that markedly distinguished it from the background of its opponents. The hero of today's review is trying not only to catch up, but also to get ahead of the leaders of the value category in terms of performance and functionality. Do you need flagships with such a mobile assistant?

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi K40G

Xiaomi Redmi K40G - confusing everyone


The love of the Chinese company Xiaomi to release a huge number of smartphones with similar names and specifications knows no bounds. And even though the world-famous manufacturer creates very successful phones in terms of price-quality ratio, it is easy for even loyal fans of the brand to get lost in the variety of models. How does the hero of today's review differ from numerous representatives of the K40-series? Let's figure it out.

Smartphone review: Realme Flash

Realme Flash - looking for the best


A blind pursuit of excellence often only hinders smartphone manufacturers from achieving the success they want. Sometimes it is so necessary to stop and analyze the activities of the main opponents and find the direction in which the market is moving. The Chinese company Realmi did a similar thing and decided to introduce into the hero of today's review the technology of one of its main opponents, which the audience liked so much.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco X4

Xiaomi Poco X4 - a new level of quality?


The Chinese company Xiaomi is used to setting records in the ratio of the price and functionality of its products. This parameter is especially distinguished by a sub-brand corporation called Poco. However, it becomes more and more difficult to improve your own achievements over time. Could the hero of today's review be not only more attractive than his opponents, but also more popular predecessors?

Smartphone review: Blackview BL5000

Blackview BL5000 - movement towards leadership


The Chinese company Blackview, although it did not break out into the leaders of the global smartphone market, remained afloat with such serious competition and even demonstrates positive financial results. The corporation continues to focus on budget phones and rugged low- and mid-range gadgets. The hero of today's review is ready to please his customers with both IP68 protection against dust and moisture, and a combination of autonomy and functionality. At the same time, you will not have to overpay for such a set.

Smartphone review: Tecno Spark 7

Tecno Spark 7 - in search of the optimal solution


Budget smartphones are gaining popularity around the world. This process is largely associated with technological progress, because today even a relatively inexpensive mobile assistant is ready to boast of wide functionality and embodies many modern technologies in one compact body. However, capturing a sophisticated audience is not so easy, so Tecno had to work hard to create a Spark 7. Can the phone stand out from the crowd of opponents and win the love of hundreds of thousands of Android users? Let's figure it out.

Smartphone review: ZTE Axon 30

ZTE Axon 30 - technologies that are not devoid of beauty


It is difficult to surprise the modern Android user with anything, but smartphone manufacturers are trying their best. So, the Chinese company ZTE decided to release an extremely technological and stylish phone with a full-fledged sub-screen front camera. Surprisingly, the developer managed to leave the price tag of the novelty quite democratic.

Smartphone review: Cubot King Kong 7

Cubot King Kong 7 - what is hidden behind a loud name?


Building a successful rugged smartphone in the mid-range is a daunting task for a variety of reasons. Manufacturers are faced with the need to advertise a product, and with difficulties in containing the cost, and in designing the functionality and appearance of the phone. The hero of today's review from the Chinese company Kubot cannot be considered an unsuccessful model, however, a bunch of minor flaws seriously spoil the device, the name of which should strike terror into the hearts of opponents.

Smartphone review: Cubot Max 3

Cubot Max 3 - the return of a forgotten friend?


A couple of years ago, the Chinese company Kubot had every chance to become, if not one of the leaders in smartphone manufacturing, but a well-known and beloved manufacturer by millions. Several successful phones with a good combination of price and functionality, the start of sales in Europe and the CIS countries, and even a minor marketing campaign should have formed a positive perception of the brand among buyers, but then something went wrong. Subsequently, many successful lines of Android smartphones have been suspended, and the product range itself has diminished. But it seems that the corporation is gradually getting out of a difficult position.

Smartphone review: Oukitel WP15 5G

Oukitel WP15 5G is a huge acquisition


Not every Android user needs high performance specifications. Instead of high-tech games, the average buyer needs more the strength of the mobile assistant, its autonomy, and functionality. The hero of today's review is quite ready to provide the listed things, and the asking price for him can only please. However, the dimensions of the phone were clearly overdone.

Smartphone review: Realme GT Master Edition

Realme GT Master Edition - competent simplifications


The Chinese company Realmi decided to mobilize all its forces to fight numerous opponents in the middle and high price segments. So, the corporation in a relatively short time has developed a flagship GT-line, striking with a modest price, excellent performance and wide functionality. The hero of today's review should make the ratio of these parameters even more interesting.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO 8 Pro

Vivo IQOO 8 Pro - desire to show oneself


Flagship smartphones do not always bring the bulk of the profits to developers, but in most cases they are the ones that demonstrate the real and potential capabilities of the manufacturer. That is why the Chinese company Vivo tried to embody all the best in the hero of today's review. But at what cost will such an acquisition cost buyers?

Smartphone review: Huawei Maimang 10 SE 5G

Huawei Maimang 10 SE 5G is a sub-brand again?


The financial difficulties of the Chinese company Huawei are forcing it to take extreme measures. So, the corporation sold its subsidiary Honor, and now plans to separate the Maimang-series of smartphones into a separate organization. But were these actions really necessary? Judging by the hero of today's review, the efforts were rather in vain.

Smartphone review: Honor Magic 3 Pro

Honor Magic 3 Pro - a flagship too peculiar?


The Chinese company Honor, which is now a completely independent organization, continues to expand the range of products offered and tries to retain the rest of the audience. However, not all new smartphones of the corporation are able to compete on equal terms with counterparts from opponents both in functionality and in price. This fact, combined with the desire of the developer to at least somehow highlight the hero of today's review in terms of design, can play a cruel joke with the manufacturer.

Smartphone review: Meizu 19

Meizu 19 - lust for life


In just a few years, the Chinese company Meizu has transformed from a former industry leader into not just a catch-up, but actually a surviving manufacturer, trying his best to find a way out of this situation. But after an abundance of mistakes in marketing, total problems with the support of released products and simply unsuccessful models, the corporation decided not to shift to the lower and middle price segments, but to continue the production of extremely expensive flagships. Will such an initiative be successful?

Smartphone review: OnePlus 10

OnePlus 10 - from flagships to their killers?


The Chinese company Vanplas did the impossible with its first smartphone, namely, it was able to release a phone at half the price that was practically not inferior to the best products on the market. However, the corporation gradually turned into an ordinary representative of the industry with an appropriate pricing policy. But it looks like the declining profit margins and criticism from buyers have forced the manufacturer to think again.

Smartphone review: Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20 - expensive and pointless?


Although the current company Nokia does not have much in common with the corporation that pushed the mobile phone industry 15-20 years ago, its fame has not completely disappeared. And although most of the audience switched to Korean (Samsung), American (Apple) or Chinese (Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo and others) smartphones, the manufacturer does not lose hope of repeated success and tries himself in various fields. So, the hero of today's review should bring full protection from dust and moisture to IP68 standards to the company's products. However, the final price tag of the unit turned out to be incredibly high.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 5G - spot fixes


More recently, the Chinese company Xiaomi has expanded its line of affordable phablets with models that support 5G networks. The first pancake turned out to be by no means lumpy, as well as the subsequent phones. However, literally in every device, in addition to many obvious advantages, unpleasant shortcomings were also traced. It was them that they tried to correct in the hero of today's review. But will a novelty with practically the same technical characteristics be relevant after a considerable period of time?

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 - familiar flaws


The clamshell form factor is very rare in today's smartphone market due to the complexity of the technology. Not all manufacturers have mastered flexible displays, and their use turns into a number of compromises. So, the screen will be covered with rather fragile plastic, and the autonomy of the gadget will be reduced due to less space for placing the battery. Unfortunately, the Korean company Samsung was unable to correct these shortcomings, even though in a number of parameters the hero of the review bypassed his predecessor.

Smartphone review: ZTE Blade V30

ZTE Blade V30 - causing mixed emotions


The desire of the Chinese company ZTE to regain its former glory is commendable and, most importantly, noticeable. The corporation announces many new models, some of which could potentially get good sales. However, sometimes the pursuit of popularity leads to the wrong decisions. So, the hero of today's review could be much more attractive if the developer paid more attention to his specifications and functionality.

Smartphone review: Realme GT Master Explorer Edition

Realme GT Master Explorer Edition - a completely different smartphone


No sooner had the Chinese company Realmi given its fans an affordable flagship phone with an emphasis on top-end performance, than the GT line was expanded with another device. Although its index means the manufacturer is working on errors and modernizing an already released gadget, in reality the situation is somewhat different.

Smartphone review: Vivo V23

Vivo V23 - improvements everywhere


What should be the continuation of a commercially successful smartphone? Many people will answer that they would like to see a more functional, productive, autonomous and beautiful model, but all of the above appears together in updated phones extremely rarely. Fortunately, the hero of today's review was a pleasant exception to this rule.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO 8

Vivo IQOO 8 - regional hit


IQOO-line of smartphones of the Chinese company Vivo has always been desired by millions of people. The rare combination of reasonable price, advanced technical characteristics and very good photographic capabilities today is difficult to find from competitors. However, to the chagrin of residents of the United States, Europe and the CIS, these devices are sold only in China. And it seems that the hero of today's review does not seek to change the current situation.

Smartphone review: Oukitel WP13

Oukitel WP13 - long-awaited evolution


Inexpensive smartphones with protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 standards have remained without significant changes in terms of functionality and technical characteristics for a long time. It was possible to get fashionable support for 5G frequencies only in rather expensive representatives of the segment. However, the Chinese company Aukitel decided to finally correct the situation and release the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Realme GT Pro Master Edition

Realme GT Pro Master Edition - an unexpected sensation?


The Chinese company Realmi is famous not only for the release of excellent smartphones in the low and middle price segment, but also for the creation of good flagship phones. The X-series models have earned the love of millions of buyers around the world, but after these devices, the corporation began a slight downtime in the upper value category. The hero of today's review is obliged not only to break this "silence", but also to present an unpleasant surprise to the company's competitors.

Smartphone review: Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Motorola Edge 20 Pro - justifiably expensive?


The popularity of Motorola in Europe and the CIS has dropped significantly over the past few years for a number of reasons. The memory of people of incredible design phones from the 2000s is slowly fading away, large-scale financial problems and subsequent resale of the corporation also affected the activities of the company. However, the manufacturer is gradually recovering and is even ready to present full-fledged flagship devices that are not inferior in functionality and beauty to the best analogues. The only pity is that it is still not easy for a developer to compete on price.

Smartphone review: Motorola one 5G UW ace

Motorola one 5G UW ace - incompatible parameters


In many ways, the commercial success of a smartphone is influenced by the balance of its technical characteristics. However, it is not always possible to achieve it even with experienced developers. So, the hero of today's review from the world-famous Motorola company turned out to be not as productive and functional as we would like.

Smartphone review: Doogee S35

Doogee S35 - going back in time


It is common for large manufacturers to purchase huge quantities of components for economies of scale. However, the developer does not always manage to use everything purchased at once, which is why leftovers gradually accumulate in warehouses. And it seems that to create the hero of today's review, the Chinese company Dodge has collected all the most stale.

Smartphone review: Ulefone Note 6

Ulefone Note 6 - unnecessary simplifications


The low-end smartphone market has undergone significant changes over the past few years. From low-functional, discreet devices, we smoothly moved to beautiful, balanced and sometimes very productive solutions. Unfortunately, not all inexpensive devices meet these epithets. So, the hero of today's review from the Chinese company Ulefon turned out to be too truncated. What has the developer deprived us of in pursuit of cost reduction?

Smartphone review: Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a - continued stagnation?


The Pixel line of smartphones from the notorious Google company has millions of fans around the world, thanks in large part to its sophisticated software and excellent photographic abilities. However, the price tags for the phones produced by the corporation have gradually grown, but their technical characteristics have not changed so dramatically and now they even lag behind those of many opponents.

Smartphone review: Vivo S10 Pro

Vivo S10 Pro - beautiful, functional, expensive


Camerophones have been in incredible demand among Android smartphone lovers for years. Millions of people want to capture the best events of their lives in good quality, but today a demanding audience cannot be surprised only by excellent cameras. The Chinese company Vivo tried to endow the hero of today's review with wide functionality and decent performance. But the desire to please users' requests negatively affected the price of the device.

Smartphone review: Vivo S10

Vivo S10 - controversial improvements?


The Chinese company Vivo continues to increase its audience share in the smartphone market, but so far only a small part of its range is becoming available for purchase in Europe and the CIS. And this is surprising, because the manufacturer still leaves the most relevant phones in China. This is exactly the situation with the hero of today's review. And even if the model even loses to its predecessor in some aspects, its competitiveness does not raise any questions.

Smartphone review: Ulefone Power Armor 13

Ulefone Power Armor 13 - heavyweight combination


The Chinese company Ulefon has a fairly wide range of smartphones. So, its Power-line is aimed at providing maximum autonomy, and the Armor-series of phones is characterized by full protection against dust and moisture according to IP68 standards. But what happens if you combine these two lines together? As shown by the hero of today's review, it turns out something completely devoid of ergonomics.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi K40 Ultra

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Ultra - squeezing out the last


The Chinese company Xiaomi knows where to save money, and where, on the contrary, to spend too much. An impressive advertising campaign, the purchase of the most technologically advanced components in huge quantities, the competent work of designers - this is just an incomplete list of the impressive expenses of the corporation. The manufacturer shows savings very rationally. So, the good exterior of this or that phone is often used several times. And it looks like the hero of today's review will be the final gadget in the already sprawling K40 lineup.

Smartphone review: Blackview OSCAL S60

Blackview OSCAL S60 - strength or performance?


Choosing a smartphone at the turn of the low and mid-price segments is not an easy task. The question is especially difficult for the fans of protected phones. A unit with protection against dust and moisture of IP68 standards always costs more, so you need to shell out a large amount of money or look for compromise options. This is exactly what the hero of today's review belongs to.

Smartphone review: Blackview OSCAL C20

Blackview OSCAL C20 - unnecessary movements


The Chinese company Blackview suddenly decided to found a new sub-brand, also responsible for the creation of smartphones. However, if large manufacturers do similar things to diversify production (for example, Redmi - budget devices, Mi - mid and high price segments), then the newly created corporation is also aimed at developing the cheapest phones, like the parent organization.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro - incremental improvements


Just a few years ago, every Note-line smartphone from the Chinese company Xiaomi was perceived as a revolution in the industry. The flagship third-generation performance for its time, the first 48-megapixel camera in the price category for the representatives of the seventh series is a short list of the competitive advantages of the legendary phones. However, now the manufacturer is pursuing a different strategy, gradually improving successful gadgets. But are these changes enough for an increasingly demanding audience?

Smartphone review: OnePlus 9T Pro

OnePlus 9T Pro - controversial metamorphosis


Improving an already great smartphone is not an easy test, even for the best manufacturers. Changes in the new flagship should be visible to the naked eye and at the same time really important for most of the audience, while the price tag of the novelty must remain the same. The hero of today's review fulfills these rules only partially, but is it really that bad?

Smartphone review: Realme C21Y

Realme C21Y - stop the conveyor!


The Chinese company Realmi, although a young player in the market, is trying with all its might to deprive such a mastodon as Xiaomi from leadership. This fact is sometimes expressed both in the creation of similar smartphones (for example, Narzo 30 5G and Poco M3 Pro), and literally a literal repetition of the competitor's strategy. As a result, we get a huge number of almost identical phones, the differences in which should be looked for with a magnifying glass. The hero of today's review was no exception.

Smartphone review: Doogee N40 Pro

Doogee N40 Pro - copying or accidental similarity?


Creating a truly original product is not an easy task, even for well-known manufacturers. Fashion standards dictate rules that most developers have to follow. As a consequence, similar design elements are not uncommon. However, the new product from the Chinese company Dodge is painfully similar to the bestseller from another well-known corporation from the same China.

Smartphone review: Cubot Note 9

Cubot Note 9 - old-fashioned or outdated?


A huge number of people around the world love the classics. This applies both to films and music, and to various kinds of material things. Cars from the 1970s are still fascinating with their beauty today, and how difficult it is to resist buying cute vintage trinkets! Unfortunately, the situation is different with smartphones. So, the hero of today's review was definitely late with the release by several years, so even a relatively modest price will not make him a commercially successful product.

Smartphone review: Vivo X60t Pro+

Vivo X60t Pro+ - just released?


Sometimes smartphone manufacturers artificially expand the range of products they offer. Additional profit, product adaptation for regional markets and other reasons may induce the developer to create almost identical phones. The hero of today's review actually literally copies his predecessor both in design and in technical characteristics. But what was the goal of the Chinese company Vivo in this case?

Smartphone review: Honor X20 SE

Honor X20 SE - the problem of high expectations


The Chinese company Honor is no longer officially associated with the parent corporation Huawei, but fans of both companies still expect incredibly beautiful, functional and at the same time inexpensive smartphones from their favorites. Unfortunately, both brands are still not able to finally leave after all the adversity that has happened. That is why devices like the hero of today's review are capable of causing some disappointment due to the discrepancy between the audience's needs.

Smartphone review: Motorola Edge 20

Motorola Edge 20 - expensive perfection?


The Motorola company, although not as noticeable in the modern phone market as it was 10-20 years ago, is still known to tens of millions of people. Of course, the feeling of nostalgia alone does not go far, so the corporation analyzes both the actions of competitors and user requests for profit and further development. As a result, we got an attractive review hero, which also pleases with performance and wide functionality. The only pity is that in terms of pricing policy, the manufacturer is still lagging behind the industry leaders.

Smartphone review: Motorola Edge 20 Lite

Motorola Edge 20 Lite - style camera phone


Motorola designers are definitely not getting their salaries in vain. Smartphones of the corporation in the middle and upper price segments come out invariably beautiful and original, which attracts many Android users. However, releasing a commercially successful product today with a focus on design is not the smartest decision. That is why the hero of the review, in addition to the beauty of the exterior, also offers excellent photographic opportunities.

Smartphone review: UMiDIGI Bison Pro

UMiDIGI Bison Pro - extraordinary expansion of the line


Bison-series of rugged smartphones of the Chinese company Umidigi has become a sudden event for the fans of the brand. Its first representative turned out to be extremely technologically advanced for the price category, which had a positive effect on its sales. In addition, the developer decided to consolidate the success and release a whole clip of successors to the successful gadget. The hero of today's review also refers to her.

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