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Xiaomi 12S Ultra phone review

Xiaomi 12S Ultra - when not only photos are flawless


The Chinese Xiaomi company is trying to differentiate its products so that it meets the largest possible number of requests from demanding users. The hero of today's review is aimed at fans of high-quality mobile cameras and strives to take a leading position in the popular DxOMark rating.

Huawei Nova 10 Pro phone review

Huawei Nova 10 Pro - not enough improvements?


Pro versions of successful smartphones usually differ from their ordinary counterparts in design, functionality, and performance. However, sometimes rather strange devices come out from under the assembly line of manufacturers, not only largely repeating their predecessors, but also having a number of critical disadvantages for the price category. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review is closer to just such a group of phones.

Smartphone review: ASUS ROG Phone 6

ASUS ROG Phone 6 - continuing to move with the flow


The Asus company can hardly call the ROG line of gaming smartphones truly profitable, but the demand for it exists to this day. The devices of the series were characterized by both inalienable advantages and disadvantages characteristic of almost all generations of devices. Mediocre photo capabilities for the price category, a somewhat inflated price tag and a peculiar design were criticized even by fans of the developer, but it seems that the manufacturer is just walking on the beaten track.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco F4

Xiaomi Poco F4 - even more accessible and relevant?


A sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi called Poco has seriously complicated the lives of many smartphone manufacturers. An incredible combination of low price, almost flagship performance and very good functionality has become unattainable for most developers. However, the corporation does not want to rest on its laurels and is trying to increase its success.

Huawei Nova 10 phone review

Huawei Nova 10 - photo flagship with limitations


The Chinese Huawei company, although not enjoying the popularity that it had a few years ago, still steadily sells millions of its smartphones around the world. Particularly interesting for users are sub-flagship and flagship devices with a focus on good photo capabilities. Such is the hero of today's review, but he did not do without some critical shortcomings.

Motorola Edge 30 Litephone review

Motorola Edge 30 Lite is a simplified but up-to-date smartphone


Motorola's desire to create balanced products without obvious flaws deserves respect. So, even the junior model of the manufacturer's flagship line turned out to be extremely competitive and stylish, which makes it stand out among even the most popular opponents.

Nokia X21 5G phone review

Nokia X21 5G is not a photo flagship at all


Sometimes marketing can be deceiving. A manufacturer may promote its product in a not entirely honest way, promising competitive advantages where they actually do not. A similar situation happened with the hero of today's review. And don't let ZEISS optics fool you.

Vivo IQOO Neo7 phone review

Vivo IQOO Neo7 - the evolution of inexpensive flagships


The IQOO-series of smartphones from the Chinese Vivo company has always tried to surprise users with an excellent combination of price and quality, making almost revolutions in the price segment every few generations. The hero of today's review also has a chance to become such a device, because it is almost impossible to find an opponent with similar technical characteristics.

Motorola Razr 3 phone review

Motorola Razr 3 - autonomy anti-records


Motorola's desire to create a beautiful, compact smartphone with a flexible screen and flagship performance can only be approved. However, the corporation, in its desire to reduce the size of the device, has gone too far, which is why the hero of today's review will ask for recharging very often.

Vivo X80 Lite phone review

Vivo X80 Lite - the best functionality at a reduced price


Progress in the performance of the technical characteristics of smartphones and their photo capabilities allows developers to release really interesting new items even at very reasonable price tags. So, the hero of today's review is the most affordable phone of the Vivo flagship line, however, with a close acquaintance with the device, it is difficult to find a significant difference from expensive predecessors.

ZTE Axon 41 Ultra 5G phone review

ZTE Axon 41 Ultra 5G - removing the excess


A significant number of Android users would like to get a productive and standalone flagship-level camera phone, but at a reasonable price. The easiest option for a manufacturer to achieve the release of such a device is to save on functions that are not important to all buyers. This is exactly what the Chinese ZTE company did with the hero of today's review.

ZTE Axon 41 5G phone review

ZTE Axon 41 5G - the perfect sub-flagship?


The intersection of the middle and high price segments of the smartphone market increasingly pleases us with really interesting products with an outstanding combination of price and quality. At the same time, even developers who have lost their truly leadership positions are trying to produce competitive phones in the specified cost category. So, the hero of today's review will cause positive emotions in 100% of his customers.

UMiDIGI C1 phone review

UMiDIGI C1 - low cost issues


A low-end smartphone is definitely needed by the market, because there is a demand for them. Someone takes such gadgets to children so that later it would not be a pity to throw away a broken device, other people purchase such devices as an additional mobile assistant. However, the hero of today's review received a processor that is too weak for even an unpretentious user to use it comfortably.

Samsung Galaxy F13 phone review

Samsung Galaxy F13 - ready to find its fan


The Korean Samsung company is gradually gaining experience in creating extremely competitive budget smartphones, which in their popularity will soon begin to overtake the famous flagships of the corporation. So, the manufacturer is trying to give competitive advantages even to the cheapest phones, the representative of which is the hero of today's review.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7s Pro phone review

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7s Pro - improvements for the most attentive gamers


Gaming smartphones from the Chinese ZTE company can hardly be called bad, but some of their parameters pass from one generation to another without much change. So, you can distinguish the hero of today's review from his predecessor only by technical characteristics.

Doogee S61 Pro phone review

Doogee S61 Pro - inexpensive and noticeable innovations


The Chinese Doogee company does not take away the desire to surprise the audience of the smartphone market. The corporation is trying to do everything possible to stand out from the competition, as well as attract new users. So, the hero of today's review is trying to interest buyers with unusual design solutions and a more than reasonable price tag for the proposed functionality.

UMiDIGI G1 phone review

UMiDIGI G1 - flaws that will not be forgiven


Every smartphone manufacturer is trying to please the audience and reduce the cost of production, but finding the right balance is sometimes incredibly difficult. So, the Chinese Umidigi company did everything possible to make the hero of today's review cheaper to manufacture, but completely forgot to give him at least a basic level of performance.

Nothing Phone 1 phone review

Nothing Phone 1 - surprising and admiring


The Chinese Nothing company may seem like a new player in the smartphone market, but its owner and some of the employees are characterized by vast experience in such a well-known corporation as OnePlus. A feature of all the company's products is the transparency of their cases, which greatly distinguishes the manufacturer's products from those of opponents. The hero of today's review was no exception to the rule, but he will be able to please the buyer not only with the originality of the design.

Realme V20 phone review

Realme V20 - sacrifices for performance and autonomy


Ideal budget smartphones do not exist, because developers have to make significant compromises to contain the cost. Someone focuses on the exterior, some manufacturers - on the display or sound quality. The hero of today's review goes the other way, which will appeal to a certain percentage of the audience. But it was not without drawbacks.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro phone review

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro is a gamer's dream


ROG products from the Taiwanese Asus company have always been able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated game fans. Laptops, tablets, headphones, computer mice - the list of successful corporation gadgets is endless, but let's focus on the most important thing for us, namely smartphones. The hero of today's review aims to be the most beautiful and technologically advanced gaming phone on the market. And he seems to be doing just about everything.

Doogee X97 phone review

Doogee X97 - can a cheap smartphone be balanced?


The X-series of phones from the Chinese Doogee company consists of extremely budget products aimed at unassuming users. However, sometimes interesting devices came across in the lineup, which could also be used as the main gadget. The hero of today's review is also trying to be like that, offering for a modest amount of money both an original design and a fairly wide functionality.

Doogee S61 phone review

Doogee S61 - not without original ideas


The Chinese Doogee company is not without loyal fans, but it is still experiencing difficulties with sales in the economic crisis. This fact is evidenced by the decrease in the number of new models, even more modest marketing campaigns. However, the manufacturer does not lose heart and tries to endow even inexpensive smartphones with individuality. The hero of today's review is also remembered for interesting design solutions.

Motorola Moto G42 phone review

Motorola Moto G42 - autonomy, beauty and a bit of performance


Motorola smartphones are gradually gaining the popularity that corporation phones had in the mid-2000s. However, if a number of manufactured devices compete on equal terms with the best representatives of price categories, then part of the developer's assortment arouses less interest among the audience. So, the hero of today's review was characterized by every chance of being a bestseller, but the manufacturer's desire to save money led to a peculiar result.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco C40

Xiaomi Poco C40 - long-lasting, balanced and inexpensive


The Chinese company Xiaomi this year has seriously changed the look of its most budget smartphones. The developer significantly improved the performance, photo capabilities and a number of other parameters of the devices, bringing them closer to the level that was previously offered by devices in the middle price segment. The hero of today's review clearly demonstrates the degree of change.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro phone review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro - performance as the main weapon


Android smartphone users are becoming more and more demanding of their mobile assistants, regardless of the price of the latter. So, it is difficult even for eminent manufacturers to sell a simply balanced phone in the middle price segment without obvious competitive advantages. That is why even the well-known Chinese Xiaomi company has to surprise the audience every time. And it seems that the hero of today's review is able to do this.

Motorola Moto G62 5G phone review

Motorola Moto G62 5G - attractive beauty


The Chinese Motorola company has significantly expanded the G-series of smartphones in a couple of years, but the desire to increase the range sometimes leads to disastrous results. So, some new items began to noticeably lose to their neighbors in price category, while other models were too similar to their predecessors. The hero of today's review combines the negative features of both of these groups and tries to justify the shortcomings only with a wonderful design.

Xiaomi Book S phone review

Xiaomi Book S - assistant for all occasions


Tablets have become less popular over the years, this fact is hard to deny. The increasing screen size of modern smartphones, the lack of significant advances in functionality make this type of mobile technology less relevant. However, sometimes there are devices in this subspecies that can replace both a phone and even a full-fledged laptop. That's what the audience needs to focus on. The hero of today's review is an excellent representative of such exceptions.

Smartphone review: Realme GT Neo 3T

Realme GT Neo 3T - game perfection


The Chinese company Realmi is currently actively taking part of the audience from the main opponent in the face of Xiaomi due to the best price-quality ratio of the current models. Even at the turn of the middle and higher price segments, the new market leader will have gadgets with top performance and the same design. One of these devices is the hero of today's review.

OnePlus Nord N20 SE phone review

OnePlus Nord N20 SE - not for sophisticated audiences


The Chinese OnePlus company is trying to keep up with direct competitors in most parameters, including the number of smartphones produced in various price categories. So, the corporation was almost not represented in the segment of the most budgetary Android phones, so the decision to release an inexpensive model at a low price did not come as a surprise to brand fans. However, the functionality of the hero of the review and its competitiveness raise questions.

OnePlus 10T phone review

OnePlus 10T - conservative performance


The Chinese OnePlus company still belongs to the category of A-brands, consistently producing high-quality and extremely competitive products, but if the corporation began its existence with a revolution in the middle price segment, now it is more moderate. So, the hero of today's review is slowly developing the concept of a sub-flagship smartphone, laid down by the developer a few years ago.

Xiaomi Poco X4 GT phone review

Xiaomi Poco X4 GT - a successful adaptation


The range of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi is really wide and includes models for every taste and color, but one cannot deny the fact that a certain part of it is represented by almost identical gadgets. This situation arises due to the developer's desire to adapt products to the preferences of a particular region, as well as to a set of 4G and 5G frequencies. So, the hero of today's review is 99% the same as the previously released Redmi Note 11T Pro, but is this a reason for criticism?

UMIDIGI Power 7S phone review

UMIDIGI Power 7S - is it what do buyers need?


Surprisingly, sometimes simplified versions of a popular smartphone become even better than their predecessors in terms of price and quality. A similar situation has developed with the hero of today's review. Its price tag has become noticeably more democratic while maintaining many of the advantages of older brothers.

UMIDIGI Bison 2 Pro phone review

UMIDIGI Bison 2 Pro - an extra link in the chain


The desire of the Chinese Umidigi company to keep up with competitors and almost every quarter to demonstrate the addition of popular smartphone lines, however, the quality level of devices is not always amazing. So, the hero of today's review is not happy with the price tag, and in terms of functionality it almost does not differ from the more affordable predecessor.

UMiDIGI Bison 2 phone review

UMiDIGI Bison 2 - solid and without a twist


The Chinese Umidigi company decided to expand the second generation of the Bison line with two more mid-range smartphones. However, if the flagships of the series brought something new to it, gave the developer's assortment an additional competitiveness, then the hero of today's review is unlikely to receive such a description.

Hotwav W10 phone review

HOTWAV W10 - surviving in any conditions


A modern smartphone is not just a beautiful toy, which it was a few years ago. Today this type of phone has become a multifunctional mobile assistant, without which a modern person cannot live a day. Calls, instant messengers, web surfing, social networks, photo, video and document editors, photo and video shooting are an incomplete list of tasks assigned to the above device. And how annoying it is to lose the above functionality due to an accidental fall of the gadget into the water and other force majeure situations. Thank God that such a situation will bypass the owner of the HOTWAV W10.

Realme C30 phone review

Realme C30 - made with taste and intelligence


The Chinese Realme company decided to seriously change the concept of the most budget smartphones in its range. Now the developer is trying not to save on the performance and autonomy of gadgets to increase the comfort of their use. The hero of today's review is the first of a galaxy of updated devices that are ready to amaze with value for money.

Oppo Reno 8Z 5G phone review

Oppo Reno 8Z 5G - model to fill the assortment


The flagship Reno series of smartphones from the Chinese company Oppo has always received the love of the audience, because the older phones of the line turned out to be affordable and more than worthy in terms of design beauty, performance and functionality. However, the cheapest devices of the series could not always boast of such a combination of qualities, sometimes the point of buying them was only in the similarity of appearance with expensive predecessors. Unfortunately, a similar description is typical for the hero of today's review.

Vivo IQOO 10 phone review

Vivo IQOO 10 - performance without frills


What do most users require from a flagship smartphone? In 99% of cases the list will start with such parameters as premium build materials, sophisticated design, impressive photo opportunities. Only at the end of the listing a certain percentage of people will remember about the wireless charging method and moisture protection. If you belong to that part of the audience that does not need these features, then the hero of the review will give a lot of positive emotions for a reasonable price.

Realme Pad X phone review

Is Realme Pad X a bestseller with strange solutions?


The Chinese company Realme continues to expand the range of tablets offered. If the first models were aimed at the low and middle price segments, where they were successful, then the hero of today's review offers both a higher price and significantly expanded functionality along with flagship performance. But some questions after talking with the device still remain.

UMiDIGI Power 7 phone review

UMiDIGI Power 7 - cheap, functional and relevant


Smartphones from the Chinese Umidigi company stand out against the background of opponents from Doogee, Oukitel and similar brands with their elaborate design, and sometimes even more balanced technical characteristics. And each new generation of phones is only getting more competitive and interesting. So, the hero of today's review has every chance to please hundreds of thousands of users.

Xiaomi Pad 6 phone review

Xiaomi Pad 6 - even faster, even more relevant


The Chinese Xiaomi company has significantly improved its position in the tablet market due to the release of several successful devices in the medium and high price segments at once. Against the background of opponents, gadgets were characterized by the best assembly materials, performance, and so on. The hero of today's review continues this trend and offers previously unseen value for money, as well as a number of new competitive advantages.

Oppo Reno8 Lite 5G phone review

Oppo Reno8 Lite 5G - difficulties in finding a buyer


Fans of smartphones in the middle price segment are becoming more and more sophisticated, because progress has made it possible to make even relatively inexpensive phones beautiful, productive and original. Manufacturers have to come up with competitive advantages for their products, because without individuality, a gadget is unlikely to find its audience. Unfortunately, it is precisely the originality that the hero of today's review lacks.

Samsung Galaxy A04s phone review

Samsung Galaxy A04s - changes that are hard not to see


The Korean Samsung company has not pleased its fans with good budget smartphones for a long time, but the growing competition from Chinese opponents has forced the corporation to modify the most inexpensive A-series devices. So, the hero of today's review is already ready to offer functionality that will satisfy many undemanding users.

Cubot Note 8 phone review

Cubot Note 8 - lost in time


The affairs of the Chinese Cubot company are not going in the best way, which is noticeable by its products. Many of the latest products are not highly competitive, and some are completely bewildering. So, the hero of today's review would have been mediocrely accepted by the audience even a couple of years ago.

Honor 70 Pro+ phone review

Honor 70 Pro+ - inexpensive photo flagship


The top smartphones of the Chinese Honor company have always delighted fans of the manufacturer with advanced design and advanced photo capabilities. In addition, technological devices tried to keep a reasonable price. And if the representatives of the 60th series of the corporation's flagships did not quite meet the mentioned characteristics, then the hero of today's review completely follows them.

Smartphone review: Honor 70 Pro

Honor 70 Pro - Will customers be happy now?


Honor's independent company's adaptation to the new market conditions is far from ideal. Thus, the corporation, famous for smartphones of the middle and highest price categories, released two rather mediocre flagship lines in a row, which did not surprise the sophisticated audience with performance and photo capabilities. Did the manufacturer decide to correct the mistakes made or continued to disappoint the loyal fan base?

Smartphone review: Honor 70

Honor 70 - finally changes!


Recently, the Chinese company Honor rather upset its fans with its flagship line of smartphones. The 50s and 60s series of gadgets were insanely beautiful, but at the same time they had obvious problems with the ratio of price and quality, and the famous photo capabilities of the line were inferior to those of many opponents. But it looks like the manufacturer's new flagships are fixing a lot of accumulated bugs.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi CIVI 2

Xiaomi CIVI 2 - addition to beauty


The latest Civi-line of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi has not become as popular as other representatives of the manufacturer's range, but it cannot be called unsuccessful either. Limited sales arose both from the focus of models on the Chinese market, and the emphasis on attractive design and build materials without additional emphasis on autonomy or photo capabilities. Fortunately, the last flaw has been eliminated in the hero of today's review.

Ulefone Note 12 phone review

Ulefone Note 12 - affordability without major compromises


Not all buyers want to buy a flagship smartphone with outstanding gaming performance or top photo capabilities. Often, the use of a mobile assistant comes down to surfing the web, working with undemanding applications and making calls, which the hero of today's review copes with. But its virtues do not end there.

Oppo Reno8 Pro+ phone review

Oppo Reno 8 Pro+ - the miser does not pay twice


Flagship smartphones, although still sold in millions of copies, are gradually losing their relevance in terms of technology and functionality. The reason for this is the progress of phones in the middle and medium-high price segments. So, the hero of today's review is almost as good as expensive opponents in terms of performance, autonomy, and photo capabilities.

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