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Phone Reviews

Xiaomi Redmi 13C 5G phone review

Xiaomi Redmi 13C 5G - inexpensive but interesting


The Chinese company Xiaomi has extensive experience in creating high-quality smartphones in the low price segment. It is not surprising that its production line often produces extremely balanced and functional devices, even at an affordable price tag. The hero of today’s review also became one, but we will most likely meet him outside India under a different name.

Blackview BV5300 Plus phone review

Blackview BV5300 Plus - wasted improvements


Refining a successful smartphone and thus transferring it to a different price category is a good way to both expand the product range and earn additional profit. However, sometimes developers decide to update a phone that is too outdated and uninteresting. Such an event is unlikely to be successful. The hero of today's review is an example of such fruitless efforts.

Honor Magic6 Lite phone review

Honor Magic6 Lite - a bright youth hit


What should a smartphone be like for today's youth? Of course, inexpensive, functional and stylish. Today's hero fits this description quite well, but he is not without a number of impressive competitive advantages.

OnePlus 12 phone review

OnePlus 12 - removing any compromises


The Chinese company OnePlus is not one of the industry leaders, but its popularity is gradually increasing. Today, not only geeks know about the technological smartphones of the brand. Unfortunately, the corporation's latest devices received more modest ratings from critics and users due to the presence of obvious flaws. The hero of today's review got rid of them and is ready to make his manufacturer even more famous.

OnePlus 12R phone review

OnePlus 12R - better with every generation


Smartphones from OnePlus' flagship line with the R-index have always been good sub-flagships, distinguished by decent functionality and attractive design. However, almost every such model was characterized by some critical shortcomings. In some places, savings were manifested in assembly materials, in other cases - in photo capabilities or other indicators. Fortunately, the hero of today's review is virtually free of compromises.

Oukitel WP19 Pro phone review

Oukitel WP19 Pro - durable power bank with smartphone functions


Today there are a lot of fans of standalone phones with water protection according to IP68 standards. This part of the market audience is ready to put up with the dimensions of the devices and their mediocre ergonomics, but sometimes developers go beyond all possible limits. Thus, the ease of use of the hero of today’s review is unlikely to be responded positively.

Honor X7b phone review

Honor X7b - long-lasting, but boring


The Chinese company Honor is an experienced smartphone manufacturer capable of creating a successful phone in any price segment. However, sometimes the developer plays it too safe and releases the most standard model without any obvious competitive advantages, as well as disadvantages. The hero of today's review has become a living example of such a product.

Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro phone review

Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro - no more compromises


The flagship K-series of smartphones from the Chinese company Redmi (Xiaomi's sub-brand) is getting closer to perfection every year. Models of the K60 line were able to surprise even longtime fans of the manufacturer with functionality and performance, and the hero of today's review decided to surpass even double-priced alternatives in these parameters.

Xiaomi Redmi K70 phone review

Xiaomi Redmi K70 is an uncompromising hit for China


The K-series of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi has always pleased customers with an excellent combination of price and quality. In addition, each new generation of the line brought with it a significant increase in performance and functionality. Fortunately, the hero of today's review was no exception to the rule, but fans of the brand outside the Celestial Empire will have to wait for the global version from the Poco sub-brand.

Xiaomi Redmi K70E phone review

Xiaomi Redmi K70E - performance, autonomy and nothing more?


Mid-price smartphones are becoming less and less compromised every year. The emergence of more productive chipsets and high-quality photo sensors, cheaper creation of AMOLED screens and similar processes lead to the fact that inexpensive phones are ready to bring extremely positive emotions. The hero of today's review, of course, does not live up to expensive flagships in all respects, but it has a number of impressive competitive advantages.

Meizu 21 phone review

Meizu 21 is a compact flagship that will bypass us


A huge number of fans of mobile electronics rejoiced at the revival of the once popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu. Unfortunately, the developer now produces products only in the Middle Kingdom, international versions of models are a thing of the past. And this fact is upsetting, because gadgets that are so balanced, technologically advanced and at the same time reasonably priced, like the hero of today's review, come out from under the conveyor of the corporation.

Honor 100 Pro phone review

Honor 100 Pro - cheaper and more balanced than flagships?


Up to a certain point, smartphones of the highest price segment from the Chinese company Honor were simply incredibly popular among fans of mobile electronics. These were extremely beautiful, technologically advanced devices with affordable prices compared to their opponents. But things soon worsened due to sanctions imposed on the parent corporation Huawei and related financial and logistical problems. However, today the world-famous developer has restored its former power and is ready to surprise again.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro+ phone review

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro+ - a step forward, and then back


The Plus index added to the name of a smartphone usually means a noticeable improvement to the original phone model. In some places, photographic capabilities are improved, in other cases additional functionality appears. As for the hero of today's review, the metamorphoses that have occurred are not so clear.

HOTWAV R6 Ultra tablet review

HOTWAV R6 Ultra - an indestructible assistant


Until recently, tablets protected from dust and moisture were a real rarity, available only to truly wealthy buyers. However, over the past few years, several Chinese corporations have decided to radically change the situation. So, now for more than a reasonable amount of money you can get a productive, functional and long-lasting device that can withstand not only the elements, but also falls from an impressive height. The hero of today's review has also joined the list of such devices. But HOTWAV R6 Ultra also stands out from its opponents with a large number of competitive advantages.

Honor 100 phone review

Honor 100 - a long-awaited bestseller?


The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor, after separating from the parent company Huawei, could not regain its previous position in the market for a long time. The corporation's not-so-long downtime meant that its opponents from China and Korea managed to take away a significant portion of the audience. However, the experienced developer has recovered and is now ready to present to the public incredibly balanced phones with amazing design and functionality. The hero of today's review is one of such devices.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro phone review

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro is a gaming ideal


High-end smartphones designed for gamers have always been distinguished by excellent performance and autonomy, but literally every one of them has problems with photo capabilities and design. The hero of today's review is free of such shortcomings and is simply one of the most balanced and interesting models in the price category.

Doogee N50 Pro phone review

Doogee N50 Pro - changes visible only to the eye


Fans of mobile electronics are accustomed to the fact that the release of a Pro version of a smartphone usually means tangible improvements in the performance, functionality or photographic capabilities of the original device. However, the Chinese company Dodge considered that for the success of the new product, only increasing the size of the permanent memory and modifying the design would be enough. The solution is extraordinary and it seems that it is not entirely successful.

Oppo Reno 11 Pro phone review

Oppo Reno 11 Pro - when the older model is inferior to the younger one


Making a balanced flagship line of smartphones is very difficult. So, the manufacturer needs to surprise fans of phones in the highest price category with the technology and beauty of the new product, and not leave fans of cheaper devices without functionality. The Chinese company Oppo managed to create such a successful basic representative of the Reno series that its more expensive “neighbor” looks like an unnecessary overpayment.

Oppo Reno 11 phone review

Oppo Reno 11 - an ideal representative of the mid-price segment?


The Reno line of smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Oppo has undergone many ups and downs, but the last few generations of devices have gradually returned the series to its former glory. The hero of today’s review has every chance of being a hit, because finding an opponent for him with a similar combination of price and quality is incredibly difficult.

Xiaomi Poco X6 Neo phone review

Xiaomi Poco X6 Neo is a great option for those who like to save money


For a fairly large percentage of people, a smartphone is a mobile assistant designed for communication, watching videos, listening to music, and surfing the web. A relatively inexpensive phone can cope with such tasks, but it’s always nice when an affordable device is able to provide additional functionality, performance, and a beautiful design. The hero of today's review refers specifically to such devices.

Tecno Spark 20 phone review

Tecno Spark 20 is an affordable option for selfie lovers


Tecno was able to quickly become one of the best-selling smartphone brands in many CIS countries, and also gain considerable popularity in Europe. The reason for success lies not only in the ability to make high-quality and inexpensive phones, but also to give them competitive advantages aimed at one or another part of the audience. So, the hero of today’s review will definitely appeal to fans who actively maintain pages on social networks.

Xiaomi Redmi 13C phone review

Xiaomi Redmi 13C - still too simplistic


The Chinese company Redmi (a sub-brand of Xiaomi) has captivated the smartphone market with its ability to create inexpensive, yet extremely functional devices without any critical flaws. Surprisingly, until a certain period of time, such phones only improved with each generation. Unfortunately, having received the necessary popularity and income, a famous developer is much less likely to surprise his fans. The hero of today's review was not a revelation either.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13R Pro phone review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13R Pro - sudden borrowings


The Chinese company Xiaomi often creates original and recognizable designs for its smartphones. However, sometimes a manufacturer decides to save money and largely copy the exterior of one or another successful device from a well-known brand. But in the case of the hero of today's review, the situation is somewhat different.

Vivo X100 Pro phone review

Vivo X100 Pro phone review


Over the past few years, flagship smartphones have made a huge leap forward in functionality and performance, however, the price tag of such devices has increased noticeably. Top products from European, Korean and Chinese A-brands often cost more than $1,000, which makes their purchase impossible for a large part of the audience. But is it possible to maintain almost all the competitive advantages of flagships at twice the affordable price? Vivo company answers this question positively.

Vivo X100 phone review

Vivo X100 - improvements in every aspect


The flagship smartphones of the Chinese company Vivo are able to surprise the most sophisticated lover of mobile electronics. Reasonable by today's standards, the price is combined with thoughtful design, advanced processor and excellent photographic capabilities. The hero of today's review is trying to improve each of the listed parameters. And he succeeds quite well.

Blackview Oscal Tiger 10 phone review

Blackview Oscal Tiger 10 - extremely simplified


The range of smartphones offered by the Chinese company Blackview and its sub-brands is truly impressive. However, the pursuit of quantity often leads to a loss of quality. Thus, the manufacturer’s lineup contains many pass-through phones that do not stand out as anything interesting against the backdrop of numerous opponents. One of them was the hero of today’s review, whose functionality was too cut down to achieve low cost.

Vivo iQOO 12 Pro phone review

Vivo iQOO 12 Pro - premium at the price of a sub-flagship?


The iQOO line of smartphones from the Chinese company Vivo has always amazed us with its price-to-quality ratio, thanks to which it has earned the love of mobile electronics fans around the world. Even the lack of a global version of many phones and the associated problems were not an obstacle. The hero of today’s review will definitely earn millions in sales, because its functionality and performance are truly delightful.

Vivo IQOO 12 phone review

Vivo IQOO 12 is a bestseller without a global version


The IQOO line of smartphones from the Chinese company Vivo has always been warmly received by lovers of mobile electronics. Almost every representative offered excellent performance, excellent functionality and decent autonomy. Unfortunately, the phones were mostly intended for the domestic market, so their buyers from Europe and the CIS countries had to come to terms with uninstallable services for China, the lack of a number of 4G frequencies and other problems. But it’s clearly worth it if we’re talking about the hero of today’s review.

Xiaomi Poco C65 phone review

Xiaomi Poco C65 - cheap does not mean bad


The Chinese company Xiaomi is a recognized master of creating inexpensive smartphones. Their sub-brand Poco tries to keep up with its parent corporation, every year delighting its fans with a dozen or more bestsellers with an excellent combination of price and quality. And it looks like the hero of today’s review will be on their list.

Ulefone Power Armor 18 Ultra 5G phone review

Ulefone Power Armor 18 Ultra 5G - a smartphone for which there are no barriers


The Chinese company Ulefone has decided to significantly expand the functionality and performance of its rugged phones in the mid-price segment. Thus, the developer released several models on updated chipsets with interesting competitive advantages, including an attractive price. The hero of today’s review was one of them.

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra 5G phone review

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra 5G - Multifunctional Durability


The popularity of smartphones protected from dust and moisture is increasing every day. And sometimes the reason for increased relevance is not even resistance to the elements and falls from heights, but additional functionality that cannot be found in “ordinary” phones. The hero of today’s review also has this, which also pleases with an excellent combination of performance and autonomy.

Blackview Shark 8 phone review

Blackview Shark 8 is a serious bid for success


The Chinese company Blackview has been delighting its fans with good smartphones in the low and mid-price segments for ten years now. However, the brand does not have many truly balanced and functional phones that are ready to win competition from Xiaomi, Realme and Honor products due to financial and other restrictions. But sometimes the developer gathers his strength and releases models like the hero of today’s review, which can find hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Blackview A52 Pro phone review

Blackview A52 Pro - performance without functionality


A good processor is an important component for any smartphone. And representatives of the low price segment are no exceptions in this matter. However, the chipset alone is not capable of making the phone one of the commercially successful products. This did not happen in the case of the hero of today’s review.

Doogee V30 Pro phone review

Doogee V30 Pro is a rugged camera phone


Many lovers of rugged smartphones are not averse to keeping memories of active recreation in the form of photos and videos. Unfortunately, inexpensive devices with dust and moisture protection according to IP68 standards rarely boast high-quality cameras. The hero of today's review is an excellent exception to the rule.

Blackview BV4800 phone review

Blackview BV4800 - excessive simplicity


Creating a low-end smartphone is not the easiest process, sometimes similar to defusing a bomb. To reduce costs, it is necessary to carefully remove, lower, or replace a huge number of parameters, but at the same time magically maintain the attractiveness of the product for the end user. Things are even more complicated with phones protected from dust and moisture. Unfortunately, the Chinese company Blackview was unable to cope with the task, judging by the hero of today's review.

Xiaomi 14 phone review

Xiaomi 14 - even more compact and powerful


The Chinese company Xiaomi knows a lot about signs and superstitions. So, the world-famous manufacturer decided to skip the unlucky number 13 in the line of its flagship smartphones, and at the same time "catch up" in terms of digital designation both the version of its MIUI software and a series of phones from an opponent represented by Apple Corporation. At the same time, all the competitive advantages of the previous model are not only preserved, but also improved by the developer.

Xiaomi 14 Pro phone review

Xiaomi 14 Pro is a top-level smartphone


The Chinese company Xiaomi skillfully copes with the creation of phones in any value segment, however, it is the manufacturer's flagship products that cause the greatest admiration among the audience. The combination of the latest technologies, excellent assembly and design worked out to the smallest detail resonates in the hearts of millions of buyers, so the hero of today's review has every chance of being sold in an impressive print run.

Blackview BV8900 Pro phone review

Blackview BV8900 Pro - technologically advanced, durable, long-lasting


It's hard not to see progress in creating rugged smartphones in the mid-price category. Developers are trying to do everything possible to ensure that devices with full protection from dust and moisture according to IP68 standards are in no way inferior to their “ordinary” counterparts at a similar price. And the hero of today’s review is as close as possible to this description.

Cubot KingKong 8 phone review

Cubot KingKong 8 - an inexpensive assistant in any business


The Chinese company Cubot knows how to make high-quality secure smartphones, which it has proven more than once in its KingKong line of devices. However, creating a truly relevant device at the border of low and medium price categories is a more difficult task, because over the past few years the market audience has become noticeably more demanding. But it seems that the developer was able to cope with the situation and give us an extremely interesting hero of the review.

ZTE Nubia Z50S phone review

ZTE Nubia Z50S - an incredibly cheap sub-flagship


The Chinese company ZTE in its fate resembles another compatriot, namely the Huawei corporation. The once industry leader was also subject to sanctions by the US government, but the developer managed to remove them by paying multibillion-dollar fines. It is not surprising that for several years after this event the manufacturer could not create truly competitive smartphones. However, financial problems have now been resolved, and phones like the hero of today’s review are a real delight.

IIIF150 B2 Pro phone review

IIIF150 B2 Pro - durability backed by an unusual design


Inexpensive rugged smartphones today have been released by literally every self-respecting Chinese manufacturer. And if initially the developers tried to surprise the audience with an increase in performance, now most of the representatives of the mid-price segment with moisture protection according to IP68 standards have similar technical characteristics. So corporations have to come up with other competitive advantages. In the case of the hero of today's review, they were appearance and autonomy.

Honor X9b phone review

Honor X9b - the new king of the mid-price segment?


The Chinese company Honor is gradually regaining its former position in the smartphone market, which pleases all fans of mobile devices. And if at first the manufacturer focused on increasing the competitiveness of more expensive products, now it has switched to more affordable phones. And it looks like the hero of today’s review has every chance of becoming a hit.

Oukitel WP32 phone review

Oukitel WP32 - controversial changes to the old model


A significant number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers like to re-release successful products, slightly updating their functionality. Sometimes such experiments turn out to be successful, but sometimes improvements simply cannot bring the phone’s relevance to the required level. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review is more likely to belong to the second case.

Vivo iQOO Neo 9 Pro phone review

Vivo iQOO Neo 9 Pro - insane performance for reasonable money


A flagship processor is one of those things that most buyers want to see in their mobile assistant. Unfortunately, the barrier is usually the price tag of top-end smartphones, which often exceeds a thousand dollars. And only in rare cases do manufacturers decide to take pity and release an incredibly productive device at an affordable price. The hero of today's review is one of these exceptions.

Vivo IQOO Neo 9 phone review

Vivo IQOO Neo 9 - performance unusual for the segment


The mid- and high-cost segment of the smartphone market is fraught with many surprises for buyers. For similar money, it’s easy to find both a frankly pass-through phone without any competitive advantages, or a practically flagship with advanced technical characteristics. This description perfectly suits the hero of today’s review.

ZTE Nubia Z60 Ultra phone review

ZTE Nubia Z60 Ultra - a camera phone with a capital letter


The photographic capabilities of smartphones are improving significantly every year. Today, almost any flagship can delight you with stunning photos and videos, even in frankly poor lighting conditions. However, there is no limit to perfection, to which the hero of today’s review strives. Of course, the device is ready to boast not only of an advanced camera.

Doogee T30 Ultra phone review

Doogee T30 Ultra - a belated answer to its rivals?


Perhaps, tablets in the $200-250 price segment are of greatest interest to the audience. It is in this price category that devices offer excellent build materials, performance sufficient for everyday work, and decent functionality. The hero of today's review has all the above qualities, but the abundance of competitors from Chinese colleagues will not make his path to success much easier.

Oukitel WP30 Pro phone review

Oukitel WP30 Pro - an uncompromising leader


The Chinese company Oukitel belongs to that number of smartphone manufacturers that are trying, but never get on the list of truly famous and sought-after developers. However, the corporation does not give up and is trying to please its fans within the limits of its limited production budget. And the hero of today’s review is ready to evoke not just positive emotions, but real delight in every fan of secure phones.

Oppo Find X7 Pro phone review

Oppo Find X7 Pro - an exemplary flagship


There are no ideal things in the world. If desired, a sophisticated buyer can find fault with literally every product, no matter how many positive qualities it possesses. However, the hero of today's review will puzzle even a professional critic, because it is impossible to detect significant shortcomings in him.

Honor Magic Vs2 phone review

Honor Magic Vs2 is a foldable flagship at a great price


The Chinese company Honor has seriously improved its series of foldable smartphones over the past few years. Metamorphoses have occurred in technical characteristics, design, and strength. And the hero of today’s review adds an attractive price tag to the listed additions.

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