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Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy M22

Samsung Galaxy M22 - the evolution we've been waiting for


The M-series of the Korean company Samsung has always contained smartphones that are quite attractive in terms of price and quality, but often the models in the line lacked functionality or performance to achieve bestseller status. The hero of today's review must change this state of affairs, for this he has all the possibilities.

Smartphone review: Realme C25s

Realme C25s - a smartphone that could be better


It seems that the Chinese company Realmi began to pursue not quality, but quantity. Truly interesting phones like the X2 Pro or C3 have not come out from under its conveyor for a long time, and the gadgets released today are striking both in monotony and lagging behind opponents in a number of parameters. For example, the hero of today's review is aimed at the border of the lower and middle price segments, but cannot boast of the corresponding functionality.

Smartphone review: Vivo X70

Vivo X70 - affordable perfection


Smartphones of the Chinese company Vivo are becoming more technologically advanced and more beautiful every year, while maintaining a pricing policy by the manufacturer. More recently, the corporation's products seemed at times unreasonably expensive, but the general increase in prices for sub-flagship and flagship phones has led to the fact that the gadgets produced by the developer are now much more attractive to the user. The hero of today's review is close to the title of the ideal in its value category.

Smartphone review: Realme C20A

Realme C20A is a useless novelty


Smartphone manufacturers have different approaches to updating successful models. So, some companies are trying to improve most of the phone's parameters while maintaining a similar pricing policy, while others are releasing an updated device in a higher cost category with a different set of positive qualities. The Chinese firm Realmi decided, on the contrary, to slightly worsen its bestseller with a slight drop in the price tag. Isn't such an action meaningless?

Smartphone review: Blackview BL5000

Blackview BL5000 - movement towards leadership


The Chinese company Blackview, although it did not break out into the leaders of the global smartphone market, remained afloat with such serious competition and even demonstrates positive financial results. The corporation continues to focus on budget phones and rugged low- and mid-range gadgets. The hero of today's review is ready to please his customers with both IP68 protection against dust and moisture, and a combination of autonomy and functionality. At the same time, you won't have to overpay for such a set.

Smartphone review: Vivo X60t Pro

Vivo X60t Pro - a flagship with nuances


The Chinese company Vivo is extremely popular in its homeland, where the corporation has already earned the trust of the audience thanks to its stylish, high-quality and functional smartphones. Outside of China, not every Android enthusiast is willing to pay a lot of money for a little-known brand. Moreover, sometimes new items manage to be inferior to analogs from the A-brand at a similar price. So, the hero of today's review is distinguished by technical characteristics that are also found in much more affordable alternatives. But will this become an obstacle to success?

Smartphone review: Blackview A90

Blackview A90 - claim for success


Smartphones of the Chinese company Blackview with the index "A" quite often combined a low price and good functionality, but recently the number of really competitive and interesting phones in the line has decreased. Fortunately, the corporation is aware of the state of affairs and is doing its best to fix it. So, we got an extremely curious hero of today's review, who has every chance of a decent sale.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO Neo5 Youth

Vivo IQOO Neo5 Youth - clever simplifications


Making a flagship smartphone cheaper while making it even more attractive to an audience is a daunting task even for the most experienced manufacturers. Sometimes developers save on things that are too important for users, which is why the released model is not in great demand. However, the hero of today's review avoided such problems and will be an amazing choice to buy.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy M32

Samsung Galaxy M32 - slow degradation?


Each next smartphone in the line should be more interesting than the previous one. Something like this sounds like the unspoken rules of the market, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, manufacturers are trying to improve the design, functionality and performance of future models in the hope of making the audience pay attention to the new product. But it looks like the Korean company Samsung has decided to take a slightly different approach. Is the hero of today's review better than his predecessor?

Smartphone review: Honor Play 5

Honor Play 5 - attack of the middle price segment


The popularity of Honor is gradually declining both in its native China and in Europe and the CIS. This is due to the litigation of the former owner of the corporation in the person of Huawei, as well as the long absence of Google services in the company's products. Now the situation has changed, and the manufacturer is trying to keep the audience in his hands. That is why we see many decent and competitive models like the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy M42 5G

Samsung Galaxy M42 5G - it could be a hit


It's amazing how the impression of a perfectly balanced smartphone can be overshadowed by a few major flaws. The Korean company Samsung tried to combine in the hero of today's review almost everything that a potential bestseller should have, but something clearly went wrong.

Smartphone review: Vivo V21e

Vivo V21e - all for selfies


Almost every modern Android user today has accounts on the social networks Instagram, VK, Facebook and so on. Of course, most of the profiles are replete with various information, including photographs. You cannot scare people with low-quality pictures, and a high-quality front camera is often found only in flagships. Fortunately, the hero of today's review is a rare exception to this rule.

Smartphone review: Vivo V21

Vivo V21 - economical camera phone


Finding an inexpensive smartphone with high-quality cameras is an extremely difficult task. If manufacturers try not to economize on screens, batteries and CPUs in phones of the middle price segment, then the situation is different with photo modules. However, if you take a closer look, you can always find pleasant exceptions to the rules like the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco F3 GT

Xiaomi Poco F3 GT is a sudden bestseller


The Chinese company Xiaomi is an amazing firm. Sometimes its most anticipated smartphones can disappoint the audience a little, and sometimes the corporation, without a special advertising campaign, presents a phone that has practically no competitors in the price segment. The hero of today's review belongs precisely to the latter category and is quite capable of competing for the title of a hit.

Smartphone review: Nokia X50

Nokia X50 - the need for change


The Nokia company has not really surprised its fans for the past couple of years. The developer's smartphones did not differ in an excellent balance of price and quality and were noticeably inferior to counterparts from Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei and other well-known brands. But it seems that the once most popular corporation has decided to pull itself together and fix the current situation.

Smartphone review: Realme X7 Max

Realme X7 Max - flagship or not?


What are the hallmarks of a flagship smartphone? In answering this question, many users will indicate top-end performance, beautiful design, decent functionality and long battery life. The hero of today's review has all the above parameters, but it is very inexpensive. What is the manufacturer's secret?

Smartphone review: ZTE Red Magic 6R

ZTE Red Magic 6R - not simplistic at all?


Gaming smartphones are far from cheap to buy. Installing a flagship processor with competent cooling costs a lot of money, but we must not forget about autonomy and photographic capabilities. But how can a manufacturer save money and provide gamers with a device of at least a mid-high price segment? The Chinese company has an answer to this question.

Smartphone review: Honor 50 Pro+

Honor 50 Pro+ - excellent changes


The flagship smartphones of the Chinese company Honor have always become bestsellers due to their advanced photographic capabilities at a reasonable price and wide functionality. However, not all customers liked the proprietary Kirin processors, the performance of which sometimes suffered significantly due to overheating. The hero of today's review is built on a solution from a completely different manufacturer, which will be another reason to take a closer look at buying a gadget.

Smartphone review: Honor Play 20

Honor Play 20 - parameter heterogeneity


One of the main criteria for the success of a smartphone in the market is the balance of its technical characteristics in its price segment. For example, buying a camera phone with an outdated processor or a small battery in millions of copies is unlikely to be. The hero of today's review is deprived of the feature described above, which will definitely affect his sales.

Smartphone review: Oppo A53s 5G

Oppo A53s 5G - no frills standard


Even the most innovative and interesting ideas become commonplace over time. So, six months ago, the appearance of 5G networks in inexpensive smartphones seemed like a real miracle, and today dozens of manufacturers can boast of such models. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review is lost against the background of so many opponents and is not ready to offer anything in response.

Smartphone review: Motorola Moto G20

Motorola Moto G20 - non-standard solutions


It is difficult to surprise a sophisticated audience with a low-mid-price smartphone, but manufacturers do not even think to give up. Not all attempts are equally successful, but experienced developers like Motorola are quite capable of creating functional and technological devices, albeit not without compromises. How did the corporation manage to answer all the requests of demanding Android users?

Smartphone review: Realme 8 5G

Realme 8 5G - he could be a hit


The Chinese company Realmi is not uniformly related to its own smartphones. Some models receive huge advertising campaigns, while other phones remain virtually unknown to potential buyers. It is doubly surprising that sometimes extremely competitive devices are deprived of advertising. The hero of today's review has also become such.

Smartphone review: Realme Q3i

Realme Q3i is an inaccessible ideal


Since its inception, the Q-series of smartphones of the Realmi company has been distinguished by an amazing balance of price and quality, however, the belonging of the line to the domestic market significantly limited the possibility of purchasing a gadget by residents of other countries. Hopes for a global release of the third generation of the developer's phones remained, but the hero of today's review did not leave a trace of them. It becomes doubly sad that the gadget turned out to be extremely interesting.

Smartphone review: UMiDIGI A11

UMiDIGI A11 - a novelty without a twist


It is difficult to achieve success of a product if it does not meet the needs of the audience and is not ready to surprise a sophisticated audience. Surprisingly, in the smartphone market, this statement applies even to the lower price segment. So, the hero of today's review is devoid of memorable features and in many respects repeats the phones of Xiaomi a year ago. Is such a gadget relevant today?

Smartphone review: Cubot X50

Cubot X50 - is this a flagship?


Android smartphone users are already accustomed to the fact that flagship devices are characterized not only by the corresponding price, but also by top-end performance, outstanding photographic capabilities and advanced functionality. However, not the largest manufacturers like the Chinese company Kubot are unable to afford the release of such a device. Although the hero of today's review is being promoted as the leader of the updated line, he is rather a good representative of the middle price segment.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy F52 5G

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G - balanced solution


Finding the right balance between price and quality is not an easy task for any buyer. The sheer variety of products in the smartphone market only complicates the buying process. However, sometimes devices appear in one price segment or another that are ready to pleasantly surprise you with performance, functionality, autonomy and at the same time a reasonable price tag. And it seems that the hero of today's review belongs to the specified category of devices.

Smartphone review: Oppo K9 5G

Oppo K9 5G - outstanding middle class


Inexpensive smartphones are becoming more and more similar to flagships in both design and functionality. Even the performance level of budget devices is enough for the smooth operation of the operating system and for modern games. So, the hero of today's review will not completely empty the wallet and, at the same time, is distinguished by impressive balance and manufacturability.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version

Xiaomi Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Version - even cheaper and better!


The K40 line of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi has become incredibly successful due to the combination of top-end performance, excellent screen, thoughtful design and advanced stereo sound at an extremely low price. Of course, there were some minor flaws, but they could be easily forgiven for the attractive pricing policy. The hero of today's review has retained all the listed advantages with an even more democratic price tag.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra - refining innovations


The Chinese company Xiaomi recently presented to the world several innovative phones with interesting ideas. So, Mix Fold surprised fans of the brand with a folding screen and an innovative approach to photographic capabilities, the first representative of the Ultra-line was noted for a functional additional AMOLED display. The hero of today's review takes most of the advantages of these models and replenishes them with his own.

Smartphone review: Meizu 18 Mini

Meizu 18 Mini - the flagship for fans of the compact


The increase in the size of modern smartphones with bezelless screens leads to much greater comfort of web surfing, watching videos and other processes, but there are always people who need a compact mobile assistant. The hero of today's review is intended precisely for such users.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Jump

Samsung Galaxy Jump - a huge jump up?


The emergence of support for 5G networks in smartphones is one of the important achievements that can significantly speed up not only the speed of the Internet connection, but also increase the functionality of phones. 4K video streaming, cloud gaming and data storage have become really convenient and relevant, but for many months 5G frequencies have been the prerogative of only flagship devices. Several Chinese companies like Xiaomi and Realme have been able to remedy this situation in some mid-range models. Now it's time for Samsung to show its strengths in creating affordable and balanced 5G smartphones.

Smartphone review: ZTE Blade A31 Pro

ZTE Blade A31 Pro - remembering the middle price segment


The Chinese company ZTE today is not the market leader that we used to see a manufacturer several years ago. However, years of downtime and huge penalties for the US government are in the past, the developer is gradually recovering its position. Over the past year, we saw interesting budget smartphones, we were surprised at the balance and manufacturability of the updated flagship Axon line. However, a gap has emerged between these two cost categories. The corporation decided to compensate for it by the hero of today's review.

Smartphone review: ZTE Axon 30 Pro

ZTE Axon 30 Pro - performance, safety and comfort


Although the Chinese company ZTE has ceased to belong to the leaders of the smartphone market, the corporation does not lose hope of returning its audience. This can be seen both in the increased budget of the marketing campaign, and in a number of interesting new products with competitive advantages and even innovations. The hero of today's review belongs to just such devices.

Smartphone review: Oppo A54 4G

Oppo A54 4G - a smartphone that is difficult to remember


Every self-respecting manufacturer of Android smartphones is trying to fill the range provided with exclusively relevant and competitive devices. However, it is impossible to achieve one hundred percent success in this case due to the limited budget and the time frame for creating phones. Because of this, sooner or later, even the best developers have openly passable products that are in many ways inferior to their closest opponents. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review is close to this category.

Smartphone review: Ulefone Armor 8 Pro

Ulefone Armor 8 Pro - subtle improvements


The Chinese company Ulefon is trying to earn every last penny from each of its developments. The representative of the eighth generation of the Armor-line of rugged smartphones from the manufacturer turned out to be extremely popular due to a good combination of functionality, durability and autonomy. Unfortunately, everything ever gets old. The hero of today's review is intended to make the mentioned model more relevant, but this process turns out to be mediocre in the novelty.

Smartphone review: Realme Q3

Realme Q3 is the perfect playable?


Modern Android games have taken a significant step forward in the last couple of years. Now even sophisticated gamers can spend hours on end playing great racing, shooters, role-playing games and other genres. However, the most technologically advanced projects require corresponding capacities, which only flagship models are usually ready to boast of. But there are also pleasant exceptions.

Smartphone review: Oukitel K15 Plus

Oukitel K15 Plus - for outlet haters


Every Android user has a different way of using the mobile assistant. Someone only browses social networks for a couple of hours a day, while for someone the smartphone becomes a real working tool that plays the role of both a GPS navigator and a photo editor, and a means for sending millions of emails. Perhaps, it was for the last category of buyers that the hero of today's review was developed.

Smartphone review: Oukitel WP9

Oukitel WP9 - autonomy, strength and bulkiness


The Chinese company Aukitel still pleases fans of protected smartphones with fairly balanced phone models, but the developer has not made significant progress over the past few years. The manufactured IP68 devices, as they differed in mediocre ergonomics, not the most attractive design and performance lagging behind their counterparts without increased protection, remain so. The hero of today's review does little to change the situation.

Smartphone review: Vivo IQOO T

Vivo IQOO T - adjusting to trends


The average price point for Android smartphones has undergone major changes over the past couple of years. The introduction of high-quality multi-pixel photosensors, huge increases in chipset performance, design improvements and support for 5G networks have become a small part of the metamorphosis. The hero of today's review diligently collects the listed advantages, which will definitely deserve the love of the people of China. But what about other countries?

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Redmi 10C

Xiaomi Redmi 10C - continuing the tradition


The line of budget smartphones of the Chinese company Redmi in the last generation was replenished with a model with the "C" index. This Android phone tried to combine excellent autonomy, modern design and good functionality, which earned the love of millions of people. The hero of today's review has retained the aforementioned advantages and tried to supplement them with increased gaming power.

Smartphone review: Realme Q3 Pro

Realme Q3 Pro - welcome guest


A significant number of smartphones from the Chinese company Realmi do not reach the countries of Europe and the CIS. To the great regret of the inhabitants of these states, a number of these models amaze with the ratio of price and quality. So, the hero of today's review could well become a world bestseller. One has only to hope that he will still be released outside his homeland under a different name.

Smartphone review: Realme 8 Pro 5G

Realme 8 Pro 5G - a replacement for flagships?


Many countries in Europe and the CIS have not yet had time to test all the advantages of 5G networks, but this type of communication is the future. Smartphone manufacturers are well aware of this fact and are trying to please their fans with 5G novelties, even in the middle price segment. However, a finicky audience, even from such models, will demand performance, autonomy, and attractive design. Will the hero of today's review be able to answer all the listed requests?

Smartphone review: Doogee X96 Pro

Doogee X96 Pro - controversial in all respects


It seems that the Chinese company Dodge has begun to lose its grip on the production of low-end smartphones. For example, once the X5-series of phones of the manufacturer did not leave any chance to competitors, and now the budget novelties of the developer often cause confusion. So, the hero of today's review will please only with autonomy, and in other aspects it is inferior to many alternatives.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - extremely expensive pleasure


It is difficult to surprise the sophisticated audience of the smartphone market even with flagship phones. Even the largest manufacturers often have trouble getting users to take a closer look at a new gadget. The hero of today's review manages to attract attention both by design and technical characteristics, but this was given at a great price. In all senses.

Smartphone review: Xiaomi Poco 5G

Xiaomi Poco 5G - the bestseller is not for us


The Chinese company Xiaomi is not shy about releasing adaptations of successful models under different names. So, the hero of today's review is almost identical to the previously released version of Redmi Note 10 with support for 5G frequencies, however, it is mainly aimed at residents of India. How relevant is the device for the European audience?

Smartphone review: Honor X20

Honor X20 - flagship at half price


The Chinese company Honor, after separating from the once parent corporation Huawei, is trying not only not to lose the audience, but also to acquire new fans. The hero of today's review is focused on the gap between the middle and high price segments, but in a number of parameters he is quite capable of competing with other flagship counterparts.

Smartphone review: Doogee S97 Pro

Doogee S97 Pro - a jack of all trades


The Chinese company Dodge is still far from the leaders of the industry, but unlike many similar manufacturers, it is trying to fix the situation. So, the developer is trying his best to give his products more and more competitive advantages and interesting features. The hero of today's review clearly demonstrates the updated approach of the corporation.

Smartphone review: OnePlus 9T

OnePlus 9T - eliminating spaces


The flagship smartphones of the Vanplas company with the "T" index have always been some work on errors and came out about six months later than the main models of the line. Analysis of the market and customer reviews allowed the corporation to produce a competitive and relevant gadget, which was much more difficult to criticize. The hero of today's review is no exception.

Smartphone review: Lenovo Legion Duel 2

Lenovo Legion Duel 2 - exclusively for gamers?


Gaming smartphones are increasingly appearing in the assortment of well-known manufacturers. Projects like Genshin Impact, Fortinte, PUBG and others have popularized this kind of mobile assistants. However, sometimes gaming phones turn out to be too narrowly focused. To achieve flagship performance at a reasonable cost, developers often overlook design, photographic capabilities, and other aspects of a successful Android smartphone. What is the situation with the hero of today's review?

Smartphone review: ZTE Axon 30 Ultra

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra - the best camera phone of the year?


The Chinese company ZTE is in no hurry to retire after several years of relative calm. The litigation affected the financial condition of the organization and its overall popularity, however, experience, previously deferred funds and the remnants of fame allowed the corporation to gradually recover. Now we are expecting full-fledged flagship smartphones that can amaze both ordinary Android users, gamers and photographers.

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