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Phone Reviews

Oukitel WP35 phone review

Oukitel WP35 - avoiding unnecessary risks


To achieve success, a smartphone manufacturer does not always need to release products that change the industry or revolutionize the price segment. Sometimes you just need not to clutter the range of products offered with pass-through models and create devices that are worthy in terms of price and quality. This is exactly what the hero of today’s review became.

Realme GT Neo 6 SE phone review

Realme GT Neo 6 SE is a fantastic smartphone


The Chinese company Realme is trying with all its might to snatch market leadership from its opponents. Sometimes, to achieve this goal, a manufacturer produces phones that are so first-class for their price segment that you wonder if the developer is working at a disadvantage? The hero of today's review evokes precisely such emotions, because he simply has no shortcomings within the price category.

Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3 phone review

Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3 is practically a revolution in the segment


The ability of the Chinese company Xiaomi to make not just hits, but smartphones that turn the market upside down is difficult to doubt. Thus, literally every year, a world-famous manufacturer creates several devices with a previously unprecedented price-quality ratio. And the hero of today’s review will make even the most sophisticated fan of mobile electronics reach for his wallet.

Blackview N6000SE phone review

Blackview N6000SE is not the most optimal downgrade


The original N6000 smartphone from the Chinese company Blackview found many fans thanks to its combination of durability, functionality, compact dimensions and reasonable price. But for some reason, the manufacturer decided that releasing a simplified version of the phone with a lower price tag would be a great idea. Unfortunately, the balance of the previously mentioned qualities of the device was lost.

Tecno Camon 30 Premier phone review

Tecno Camon 30 Premier - not a flagship, but a future hit?


The Chinese company Tecno still cannot be called an industry leader, but every year the quality of its products increases significantly. The hero of today's review is the most expensive representative of the manufacturer's range, although in reality it is a model in the mid-price category. But how good he is in all aspects.

Realme C65 phone review

Realme C65 - inexpensive and not the most interesting


Every self-respecting modern smartphone manufacturer cannot do without a wide range of products, because a sophisticated buyer wants to choose. Design, functionality, dimensions - the list of aspects for choosing a mobile assistant can be continued for a very long time. However, it is almost impossible to increase the number of devices offered without fairly passable products. This is precisely the hero of today’s review.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro phone review

Motorola Edge 50 Pro - ideal in the mid-price segment?


Motorola knows how to surprise. Even if not all the smartphones it creates are truly successful, the developer does not forget to release every few real bestsellers. The hero of today’s review amazes with its incredible combination of functionality, beauty and moisture protection according to IP68 standards. Let's take a closer look at all the advantages of the device.

Vivo X Fold3 Pro phone review

Vivo X Fold3 Pro - towards perfection


It is increasingly difficult for modern flagship smartphones to surprise the sophisticated public. Users have already seen top technical specifications, outstanding photo capabilities and other qualities in dozens of phones, so developers have to come up with new ways to amaze the audience. Thus, the Chinese company Vivo has released the hero of today’s review, namely the most ergonomic, thin and technologically advanced “clamshell” on the market.

Xiaomi POCO C61 phone review

Xiaomi POCO C61 - the cheapest bestseller possible?


The percentage of low-cost smartphones in manufacturers' revenues usually exceeds that of phones in the mid- and high-price segments. Affordable devices today have significantly improved functionality, design and autonomy, making them suitable for an increasing number of users. The hero of today's review will definitely not empty his wallet and at the same time tries to stand out from his rivals with a number of competitive advantages. But is this a future hit?

Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro phone review

Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro is a stylish bomb


The Chinese company Xiaomi knows how to delight with its smartphones. And the Civi line of phones is an excellent example of how an experienced and popular manufacturer perfectly combines beauty, technology and an affordable price in its products. And its new representative increases this combination of positive qualities to a level previously unseen in the series.

Vivo T3 5G phone review

Vivo T3 5G - not keeping up with opponents?


The Chinese company Vivo regularly produces dozens of different smartphones a year, but not all models in its range become bestsellers. Thus, the manufacturer has a lot of phones that are either inferior to competitors in terms of technical characteristics, or come out later than potential hits. It is the second situation that arose with the hero of today’s review, from whom Xiaomi and Realme have already managed to take an impressive percentage of the audience.

OnePlus Ace 3V phone review

OnePlus Ace 3V - what the sub-flagship of 2024 should be like


The Chinese company OnePlus has been delighting us with excellent smartphones in the mid- and high-price segments for more than a decade. The manufacturer magically continues to maintain a fantastic price-quality ratio for its products, and sometimes even increases it. The hero of today's review clearly demonstrates all the capabilities of the developer and is ready to compete with the best representatives of the value category.

Cubot KingKong AX phone review

Cubot KingKong AX - a strange continuation of the line


A series of rugged smartphones from the Chinese company Cubot has always been popular. The model with the index “9” sold especially widely, which offered a reasonable price, excellent autonomy, and excellent functionality for the value segment. The hero of today's review is actually a follower of the mentioned hit, but in addition to improvements, the new product also contains a number of simplifications. Will the audience like this phone?

TECLAST T60 tablet review

TECLAST T60 - a big success?


Tablets have not lost their relevance for more than two decades. The amazing combination of functionality, ergonomics and compactness consistently wins the hearts and wallets of millions of new buyers every year. And the products of the Chinese company Teclast occupy an impressive percentage of the number of copies sold. And new products like the hero of today’s review can increase the developer’s popularity even more. Meet the inexpensive, but extremely functional and competitive Teclast T60.

HOTWAV T7 phone review

HOTWAV T7 - rugged, but too stripped down


The segment of inexpensive smartphones protected from dust and moisture according to IP68 standards is only becoming more popular every year. In pursuit of additional profit, many manufacturers are expanding the range of such devices, but the modern user needs not only durability and an affordable price, but also functionality. Unfortunately, the hero of today's review has problems in this aspect.

Meizu 21 Pro phone review

Meizu 21 Pro - the last flagship of the great brand?


The fate of the Chinese company Meizu is unenviable. A couple of marketing mistakes led to the fact that almost no one needed the developer’s competitive, original and technologically advanced products. The subsequent resumption of the corporation's activities under the wing of the auto giant Geely also did not contribute to tremendous success in the Middle Kingdom. Still, in a few years they managed to forget the manufacturer. And even phones like the hero of today’s review are not able to change the situation.

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G phone review

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G - behind opponents


The A-series of smartphones from the Korean company Samsung has made significant leaps in functionality and performance over the past couple of years, making its competitiveness impressive even compared to its Chinese counterparts. However, it seems that the developer decided to take a break this half of the year and practically not improve the mid-priced model in the new generation of the line.

Nothing Phone 2a phone review

Nothing Phone 2a - conquering the mid-price segment


The Chinese company Nothing, consisting of former employees of the famous OnePlus corporation, is famous mainly for its flagship mobile electronics with a truly original design. However, the desire to make more profit led developers to the need to release more affordable smartphones. The hero of today's review is the first representative of a new value category for the manufacturer. And it turned out to be quite interesting.

Realme 12 5G phone review

Realme 12 5G - stylish stagnation


The twelfth generation of smartphones from the Chinese company Realme turned out to be heterogeneous. If older models delight with photo capabilities, flagship design and wide functionality, then the younger representatives of the series are less interesting. Thus, the hero of today’s review largely repeats his predecessors and simply lags behind the general technological process.

Ulefone Power Armor 16S phone review

Ulefone Power Armor 16S - not the same volume?


Today, even buyers of inexpensive rugged smartphones want not only durability, but also functionality and additional competitive advantages from their mobile assistants. Manufacturers have to meet users halfway, which is often not so easy. The Chinese company Ulefone, when creating the hero of today's review, tried to balance between containing the growth of the cost of the device and its compliance with the needs of the audience. And it looks like the balance has been maintained.

HOTWAV Pad 11 tablet review

HOTWAV Pad 11 - a pleasant mobile assistant


Tablets at the border of the low and mid-price segment are extremely popular today among fans of mobile electronics. Chinese brands such as TECLAST, Blackview, Oukitel have been especially successful in gaining a foothold in this value category. However, a young smart electronics manufacturer called HOTWAV is not averse to joining the previously mentioned list of successful companies. And with devices like the hero of today’s review, he has every chance of finding hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Meet HOTWAV Pad 11.

AGM PAD P2 phone review

AGM PAD P2 - minus protection, plus photo capabilities?


The Chinese company AGM is famous, first of all, for its gadgets protected from dust and moisture. This was also its first tablet, which also pleases fans of the brand with decent technical characteristics and good battery life. Surprisingly, the hero of today's review suddenly lost his signature strength, but acquired improved cameras. Is such a replacement worth it or is it better to buy the predecessor of the device? Let's figure it out.

ZTE Nubia Flip phone review

ZTE Nubia Flip - mediocre implementation of a good idea


Modern smartphones in the clamshell form factor are far from the cheapest due to the need to use flexible screen technology and other structural features of the device. That is why such units are usually found in the flagship price category. However, the Chinese company ZTE decided to change this situation and release an inexpensive folding phone. Unfortunately, the developer had to save on many parameters of the new product.

OnePlus Nord 5 phone review

OnePlus Nord 5 - the return of a hit


The Nord line of smartphones from the Chinese company OnePlus has sold millions of copies. The reason for such popularity of the phones was the excellent combination of affordable prices, almost flagship processor and sophisticated software. The hero of today's review does not change traditions, and also adds even more advanced photographic capabilities to the list of competitive advantages.

ZTE Nubia NEO 2 5G phone review

ZTE Nubia NEO 2 5G is a real inexpensive gaming smartphone


Gamers on a budget have long been waiting for a mobile assistant that is ready to not only cope with modern games, but also has full-fledged trigger keys. And it looks like the moment for rejoicing has come, because the hero of today’s review can boast of excellent performance, the above-mentioned functionality, and a number of other competitive advantages.

Vivo X200 Pro phone review

Vivo X200 Pro - flight to new heights


The flagship smartphones of the Chinese company Vivo are becoming more competitive and technologically advanced every year. If a few years ago only rare fans of mobile electronics knew about high-price segment phones from the developer, today bloggers and journalists around the world compare the photo capabilities, performance and functionality of devices with the best analogues. The hero of today's review claims to be a leader in many respects.

Cubot A1 phone review

Cubot A1 - cheap but tasteful


The Chinese company Cubot is trying to keep up with the times and produce more or less competitive smartphones in both the middle and low price segments. The hero of today's review offers not the worst functionality, decent autonomy and a well-developed design for its extremely modest price. Is this enough for success?

Realme 12+ 5G phone review

Realme 12+ 5G - cheaper and no worse?


The twelfth generation of mid-price smartphones from the Chinese company Realme raises quite a lot of questions. On the one hand, its older representatives received new competitive advantages like telephoto lenses, on the other hand, there are not many other serious differences from the most affordable models of the line. Isn't it more logical to buy the hero of today's review, which has a more affordable price tag? Let's figure it out.

OUKITEL WP36 phone review

OUKITEL WP36 - chasing sound


The Chinese company Oukitel continues to expand its range of secure smartphones, giving them new competitive advantages. So, the hero of today's review surprises with a huge speaker capable of producing a volume of 128 dB. But do other technical characteristics of the gadget correspond to the price tag? Unfortunately no.

IIIF150 Air2 Ultra phone review

IIIF150 Air2 Ultra - technologically advanced, durable and stylish


Rugged smartphones in the mid-price segment have made significant leaps in functionality and performance over the past year. The use of new 5G chipsets and photomodules, AMOLED displays has made this category of devices much more attractive. And the hero of today’s review is precisely a representative of the latest IP68 phones that you just want to buy for yourself.

Xiaomi CIVI 4 phone review

Xiaomi CIVI 4 - beauty that does not require sacrifice


The CIVI series of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi is an excellent example of excellent design work. Even the first representatives of the line today look better than many analogues in the price category. The hero of today's review has become even more beautiful than its predecessors and, in addition, has increased productivity and functionality.

Vivo IQOO Z9 phone review

Vivo IQOO Z9 - an improvement you want to pay for


The Chinese company Vivo makes both flagship smartphones and their inexpensive analogues equally well. Thus, the manufacturer's Z-series of phones has always offered excellent performance and attractive design at a reasonable price. And it looks like its new representative will add to the list an excellent display and decent photographic capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G phone review

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G - changes that are easy to predict


The time has come for the Korean company Samsung to update its line of smartphones in the low and mid-price segment. The A3X series of phones is right at the border of these cost categories and is one of the most popular in the manufacturer’s range. And it looks like the hero of today’s review will become another bestseller, because with a reduced price tag, it largely repeats the previously released A54. However, the company's loyal fans expected this.

DOOGEE DK 10 phone review

DOOGEE DK 10 is a truly rugged camera phone


It's nice to see the development of products from the Chinese company Doogee. In addition to inexpensive phones, the manufacturer is increasingly delighting its fans with representatives of the middle and even high price segments. So, the hero of today's review is just such a device and provides remarkable performance along with outstanding photographic capabilities.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra phone review

Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a familiar photo flagship with minor improvements


The Chinese company Xiaomi a few years ago was able to surprise fans of mobile electronics with the release of excellent smartphones with an Ultra-index. Their high price was fully justified by both advanced technical characteristics and outstanding photographic capabilities. Surprisingly, every year the manufacturer seriously improved literally every aspect of the models. The hero of today's review was no exception.

Vivo V30 Pro phone review

Vivo V30 Pro - overpaying for beauty?


The V-series of smartphones from the Chinese company Vivo has always attracted buyers due to its carefully thought-out design with balanced technical characteristics. However, the price of such devices sometimes does not quite correspond to the functionality provided. The hero of today's review, unfortunately, does not destroy the existing paradigm.

OnePlus Nord CE 4 phone review

OnePlus Nord CE 4 - an improvement in the mid-range segment


The Chinese company OnePlus is known for its excellent flagship smartphones, combining optimized software, top-end specifications and a reasonable price. Unfortunately, less expensive phones are more controversial from the manufacturer. However, an experienced developer decided to correct the situation in the hero of today's review.

Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro phone review

Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro is a 100% hit


Tablets from the Chinese company Xiaomi have almost always become real bestsellers due to their low price for the technical characteristics offered. And with each generation, devices acquire additional functionality and performance without losing their affordable pricing policy. The hero of today's review makes you want to buy it at first sight.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone review

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - perfection again?


A flagship smartphone from a well-known manufacturer is not just a means of making calls or a beautiful accessory. It contains all the advanced technologies that modern mobile electronics can demonstrate, as well as the work of recognized designers. And the hero of today’s review perfectly shows the full potential of the eminent developer.

Samsung Galaxy S24+ phone review

Samsung Galaxy S24+ - small steps forward


Each new generation of flagship smartphones from the Korean company Samsung definitely becomes an event for fans of the company, but other lovers of mobile electronics treat the premieres without undue excitement. The reason for this behavior is usually the insignificant list of improvements of new products when compared with their predecessors. But the hero of today's review does not quite fit this description.

Xiaomi Redmi A3 phone review

Xiaomi Redmi A3 - affordable beauty


Smartphones in the lowest price segment from the Chinese company Xiaomi have not enjoyed much success lately. The reason for this is the lack of any significant competitive advantages. However, now the world-famous developer has decided to focus on a well-developed design. Will this help the new product in sales? Let's figure it out.

Vivo V30 phone review

Vivo V30 is the pride of the price segment


It's amazing how much mid-price smartphones have advanced in design, performance and functionality over the past couple of years. Now other inexpensive phones are easily confused with flagships. A living example of such a device is the hero of today’s review.

Doogee N50S phone review

Doogee N50S - a simple failure


The Chinese company Doogee continues to expand the range of products sold, but not every new model is relevant. Thus, the manufacturer’s decision to make a simplified version of an already rather controversial phone raises a lot of questions. Does the new product have any chance of success?

ASUS Zenfone 11 Ultra phone review

ASUS Zenfone 11 Ultra - the transition from compactness to versatility


The latest flagship smartphones from the Taiwanese company Asus were a real delight for fans of compact phones. However, if there was no fault with the ergonomics and performance of the devices, there were sometimes problems with other aspects. It is these that we decided to fix in the hero of today’s review. True, the dimensions of the new product have suffered somewhat, but they were once a competitive advantage.

Samsung Galaxy S24 phone review

Samsung Galaxy S24 - compact, convenient and productive


Almost every year, the Korean company Samsung pleases its fans with an updated line of flagships. Each of the phones is extremely balanced in terms of technical characteristics and is excellent in terms of price and quality ratio. But it seems that now the youngest model in the series is the most optimal, causing extremely positive emotions.

HOTWAV Note 13 Pro phone review

HOTWAV Note 13 Pro - worth the investment


Phones at the border of the low and mid-price segments are not always ready to amaze with their parameters, but an experienced manufacturer is still able to add several interesting competitive advantages to its product. Unfortunately, the Chinese company Hotvav has not fully solved this problem, so the hero of today’s review is unlikely to be able to count on huge sales.

OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G phone review

OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G is a nondescript addition to the range


The Chinese company OnePlus knows how to make excellent flagship smartphones, distinguished by highly detailed software, balanced technical characteristics, and excellent functionality. However, more affordable phones from the same manufacturer are not so impressive. No miracle happened to the hero of today's review.

Realme 12 Pro+ phone review

Realme 12 Pro+ - the smartphone you want to buy


It's rare that a phone in the mid-price segment awakens enthusiastic emotions among the majority of buyers. One way or another, the manufacturer has to save money to maintain a reasonable cost. However, truly experienced and talented developers like the Chinese company Realmi are able to make compromises invisible. That is why the hero of today's review claims to be a bestseller.

Realme 12 Pro phone review

Realme 12 Pro - a camera phone for the budget conscious


The fight between the Chinese companies Realme and Xiaomi is becoming increasingly fierce. Thus, at the beginning of the year, both manufacturers presented updated smartphones in the mid-price segment with a whole host of competitive advantages. And if Xiaomi has focused on the quality of the display, its rival surprises with the photographic capabilities of the new product and its design.

HUAWEI P70 Art phone review

HUAWEI P70 Art - the art of taking photographs


The flagship smartphones of the Chinese company Huawei have always been loved by fans of high-quality cameras. The devices invariably occupy one of the leading places in the lists of camera phones from both rating agencies and ordinary users. The hero of today's review does not change traditions, also pleasing with balanced technical characteristics and other competitive advantages. However, the new product was not without several critical disadvantages.

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