What is Unite4Buy?

U4B is a service that facilitates group buying thereby bringing the price close to the wholesale/factory price

Our project has more than 4 years and has helped save more than 100 000 users.

How we work:


  1. Find sellers (on Aliexpress and in other online stores) who are ready to offer good discounts and also ready to ship the items on time
  2. Negotiate the price
  3. Launch a sales promo


  1. Choose a suitable sales promo
  2. Make an order
  3. Get discounts


  1. We’re happy to get an excellent item at a good price
  2. In cases of any issues arising, our support team will help to solve them promptly

Why do sellers give us discounts?

  1. Because the seller gets tens, hundreds or thousands of orders and earns much. So he is able to offer very attractive prices.

Why are we more reliable?

  1. The seller doesn't want to lose such volume of orders and therefore listens to our opinion attentively, responds to any request quickly, and addresses any issues arising.