Best smartphones under 600 usd in 2021: TOP 10 rating

Dear friends, have you ever asked yourself what smartphone under 600 usd is the best to buy? We are sure that almost everyone was looking for a solution to such a problem. For the vast majority an Android-smartphone became a full mobile assistant, able to cope with a dozen tasks in a day. Calls, sending SMS, camera, web surfing, transfer of files across the cloud, contactless payments, games - a full list of features of a modern smart phone will take several more offers. And for many people, it is important that each of the processes listed would be executed at the highest level. It is for this part of the audience the developers create flagship devices with the advanced specs and impeccable design. The Unite4Buy editorial office has made for you the TOP 10 Android-smartphones. We really hope that the rating will make it much easier for you to choose your future device. So, let's go for deal!

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Global 6/128Gb

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro - available and optimal


  • Graceful and stylish glass case looks expensive;
  • The frame-free OGS panel is bright, contrasting and suitable for a long operation;
  • Mediatek Helio G90T processor can handle many demanding games without any problems;
  • The four main cameras are excellent in terms of photographic capabilities for the price requested;
  • Contactless Payments (NFC) support
  • For its technical characteristics the device has an affordable price;
  • High autonomy at 8-9 hours of active screen time.


  • plastic fringing of the case;
  • Mediatek Helio G90T processor is not optimized for the multiple games

Extra features

NFC Support (Contactless Payments)

An amazing Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro has become one of the best smartphones under 600 usd to deal with it. To find a more affordable,equally balanced and functional smartphone in the price segment is very difficult. Even in terms of design, the gadget tries not to concede to the more expensive opponents. Beautiful colors of the  high-quality polycarbonate hardened glass cases,an interesting four photo modules design,a fingerprint scanner, small frames of 6.53-inch display do not give out a quite budgetary positioning of the apparatus. It is difficult to critisize an OGS screen due to its resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels and good brightness and contrast parameters. The powerful Mediatek Helio G90T processor, 6gb RAM and Mali G76MC4 video chip will allow you to test most demanding games even on the maximum graphics settings. Only for some unoptimized projects (World Of Tanks Blitz) you will have to limit the graphic presets to average . The main 64- (Samsung GW1), 8- (wide-angle lens) and 2-megapixel (macromodule and module for side effect) cameras are already ready to provide high-quality photos both during the day and in the evening. Video recording takes place in 4K-resolution, electronic stabilization works in FullHD resolution. You'll start to forget more often about the need to recharge due to the battery to 4500mAh, providing about 8-9 hours of active screen time. NFC, a separate headphone outlet will not upset the buyer, but advertising in the MIUI brand shell and a plastic back panel edging probably will. However, the incredible for the requested price tag set of  the advantages allows to overlook the small disadvantages of the excellent mobile assistant.

Price: 164.03€ ($195.99). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Global 6/128Gb prices

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Aliexpress / Xiaomi Dreami Store
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Dreami Store
164.03€ ($195.99)
Aliexpress / Fantacy
Aliexpress / Fantacy
230.23€ ($275.10)
237.78€ ($284.12)
247.02€ ($295.16)

9. Doogee S95 Pro 8/128Gb

Doogee S95 Pro - protection and technologies


  • An attractive and up-to-date appearance of device with an IP68 protection ;
  • An amazing 6.3-inch OGS screen pleases resolution, brightness margin and contrast;
  • The Mediatek Helio P90 processor is capable of successfully running any game on the medium graphics settings;
  • good daytime and night photographic abilities thanks to a Sony's 48 megapixel excellent triple camera;
  • Good autonomy for about 10 hours of an active screen time;
  • NFC support (contactless payments)
  • wireless charging;
  • possibility to connect the additional modules;
  • Colonic protection against moisture and dust.


  • Performance could be higher due to the requested price;
  • Software optimization is far from ideal;
  • Ergonomics and dimensions of the protected case may not be pleasant to the customer

Extra features

Dust and moisture protection by IP68 standards, NFC support, wireless charging, modular smartphone

An extraordinary protected device from the Chinese company Doogee is a bit higher in the TOP 10 smartphones under 600 usd. Doogee has really interesting smartphones,even though the corporation didn't  fully get ahead in A-brands.  The gadget under discussion has a beautiful design for the IP68 segment. Modern design of the triple camera, pleasant to the eye of the color cases with many rubberized and metal elements, the side fingerprint scanner causes positive emotions. 6.3-inch OGS panel with FullHD resolution does not upset with the brightness and contrast of the picture as well as with the size of the frames. The technical characteristics are also good. Mediatek 's Helio P90 processor finds a decent balance of energy efficiency and performance, along with 8gb of RAM and video PowerVR GE9446, ensuring the average graphics settings in the vast majority of the resource-intensive games. There are 128GB of ROM and a slot for MicroSD  to store the app as well as music and video. Everything is fine  with the cameras, because the main 48- and 8-megapixel (pair of sensors) photo models led by popular Sony IMX582 do not dissappoint during shooting even with a mediocre lighting. And it's quite real to capture the dynamic events. A battery of 5150mAh (about 9-10 hours of active screen time from one charge), NFC (contactless payments) and wireless charging support, the possibility to install additional modules (for example, a powerbank module or a joystick module) are also may be add to the advantages. Among the disadvantages, we note a not that good optimization of the software (non-translated menu items, sub-items, rare updates), as well as not the highest capacity of "iron." However, such disadvantages do not ruin the impression of the thought-out device.

Price: 241.87€ ($289.00). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Doogee S95 Pro 8/128Gb video review

Today's best Doogee S95 Pro 8/128Gb prices

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241.87€ ($289.00)
Aliexpress / BlackBeer Store
Aliexpress / BlackBeer Store
243.21€ ($290.61)
318.02€ ($379.99)
334.76€ ($399.99)
Aliexpress / eForChina Store
Aliexpress / eForChina Store
334.76€ ($399.99)

8. Xiaomi Mi 9 T 6/64Gb

Xiaomi Mi 9 T - a reasonable saving


  • a high quality Stunning frame-free AMOLED display without frames and cuts;
  • sliding front-facing camera;
  • Built-in fingerprint scanner
  • A good triple camera of 48 megapixels with a sufficient photographic abilities to shoot in the evening;
  • Large battery in 4000mAh for 8-9 hours of an active screen time;
  • NFC support (contactless payments)
  • A powerful yet energy-efficient Snapdragon 730 processor that runs today 's games on the maximum graphics settings;
  • the thought-over design of the device.


  • the device is inferior to full-fledged flagship nn terms of performance and camera capabilities smartphones;
  • The brand-name MIUI shell may not be liked due to its interface.

Extra features

Retractable front camera, in-screen fingerprint scanner, contactless payment (NFC) support

An attractive sub-flagship from the Chinese company Xiaomi Continues the list of the best smartphones under 600 usd. Its main advantage is not only  a well-thought-out design, but an amazing balance for the cost segment. In fact, the device tries to recreate all the functionality that modern top phones have. Contactless payments? There's NFC. Good photographic opportunities? A triple main camera with a 48-megapixel Sony IMX582 sensor is unlikely to disappoint with its images both day and evening. You like games? The Snapdragon 730 processor, along with the Adreno 618 video adapter, provides the maximum graphics settings, albeit without much supply  for the future. Worth noting a retractable front camera and a built-in fingerprint scanner. The 6.39-inch AMOLED panel does not disappoint brightness and contrast, as well as resolution (FullHD). The appearance of the novelty is also relevant. The frame-free display, the original texture of the body made of hardened glass and metal make the device truly beautiful. If you add to all the listed large battery in the 4000mAh, the presence of a separate jack for headphones, good software optimization and a decent level of support of the smartphone manufacturer, we get one of the greatest Android-smartphones in the price category under 600 usd. Yes, it is inferior to full-fledged flags in performance and abilities of photo modules, but if you want to save and purchase a quality gadget without critical disadvantages (only the MIUI shell may cause the negative emotions with its design), then Mi 9 T is the perfect choice.

Price: 215.91€ ($257.99). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Xiaomi Mi 9 T 6/64Gb prices

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215.91€ ($257.99)
220.60€ ($263.59)
225.96€ ($269.99)
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Retail Store
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Retail Store
242.03€ ($289.19)

7. Realme X2 Global

Oppo Realme X2 - more optimal than ever


  • attractive features of a glass case design;
  • A clear and natural picture produced by a frame-free AMOLED screen;
  • The powerful Snapdragon 730G gaming processor, ready to give the colorful graphics in all demanding games;
  • the four main cameras with Samsung GW1 main are excellent for both afternoon and evening shooting;
  • NFC support (contactless purchases);
  • reasonable price;
  • Autonomy at 8-9 hours of active screen time;
  • In-screen fingerprint scanner


  • Plastic casing edging probably will scratch quickly;
  • Low recognition of the producer in the CIS countries

Extra features

NFC (contactless payments), in-screen fingerprint scanner

The seventh position goes to a rookie from a sub-brand of Oppo's famous company called Realme. Although the manufacturer is new in the market, phones produce simply magnificent and really on an equal footing with mastodonts such as Xiaomi and Huawei. The appearance of the device under discussion  is extremely attractive for the segment under 600 usd. The rear panel is made of hardened glass and decorated with the four photo modules, the display which is located at the front is  without frames, and the drop-shaped cut for a quality 32-megapixel "front" is small and does not distract attention. The 6.4-inch AMOLED panel features an enviable supply of brightness and contrast and not dissappoint with the 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution. The fingerprint scanner built into thepanel is quite fast and responsive. The technical characteristics will be pleasant to both ordinary users and gamers. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, 8gb RAM and Android 618 "overclocked" video chip will give a colorful picture at the high graphics settings in the most demanding games. The internal storage is allocated 128gb, and you can always expand the ROM with MicroSD cards. Fans of mobile photography will appreciate the capabilities of the main 64- (Samsung GW1 sensor), 8- (wide-angle) and 2-megapixel (macro sensor and module for side effect) cameras. The gadget is good at the both day and evening shooting, the number of noises is not disappointing, detailing is also at the level. The battery in the 4000mAh is enough  for 8-9 hours of an active screen time. It is difficult to call this as a bad result. NFC support, frequent software updates with the amazing Realme UI brand shell, a separate headphone jack, and a democratic price tag allow you to turn a blind eye to the plastic edging and a little-known brand fame. With the devices like that the firm will definitely start to be known both in the countries of Europe and the CIS.

Price: 283.38€ ($338.60). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Realme X2 Global prices

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283.38€ ($338.60)

6. Xiaomi Mi 8 6/128Gb

Xiaomi Mi 8 - High Tech Mix


  • The glass and metal  case  pleases its ergonomics and design;
  • Frame-free AMOLED display is quitу good in brightness and contrast and has DC Dimming technology;
  • A high-performance Snapdragon 845 processor is suitable for the maximum graphics settings in any game;
  • An excellent dual camera with optical stabilization adequately handles both day and night photography;
  • Contactless Payments (NFC) support
  • Relatively low price for the technical characteristics;
  • Infrared sensor to improve facial unlocking


  • The MIUI shell will not be liked by a part of the audience due to the design and availability of advertising;
  • An absence of the headphone jack in 3,5mm;
  • Front camera design is a bit out of date

Extra features

NFC (contactless payments), an infrared sensor to improve facial unlocking

The sixth place goes to the flagship Xiaomi of 2018. Of course, this gadget is not a novelty, but in the many parameters it remains relevant. Unfortunately, you can't say it about design. A large cut for a 20-megapixel "front-runner" is conspicuous and  take a part of the useful screen area. However, such a decision of the developer can be justified by the presence of a special infrared sensor, thanks to which unlocking by definition of the face takes place even in tiny darkness. Otherwise, the glass case in the metal frame looks good. The 6.21-inch AMOLED screen with a FullHD resolution hasn't a sub-screen fingerprint scanner or an increased image refresh rate, but it is characterized by worthy brightness and contrast, almost devoid of PWM effect. Technical specifications in the form of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6gb RAM and Adreno 630 video adapter still provide maximum graphics settings in 99% of games, which will please gamers. And 128GB of ROM to store the application will not be unnecessary. The main photo models in 12 and 20 megapixels have an optical stabilization, which reduces the appearance of the greased images when capturing dynamic objects. And the evening shoot is getting easier. There is also support for NFC contactless payments. Of course, there are disadvantages. Someone will not like the absence of a separate headphone jack, someone will not approve of the MIUI brand shell with a built-in advertising. The battery in 3400mAh is also far from great in terms of capacity. However, a powerful and balanced camera-phone by a democratic price  will not get much worse with these kinds of disadvantages.

Price: 479.91€ ($573.43). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Xiaomi Mi 8 6/128Gb prices

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479.91€ ($573.43)

5. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - a unique cameraphone


  • Eye-pleasing frame-free AMOLED panel with a high brightness supply;
  • Pleasing beauty and strict style design of the case made of glass and metal;
  • The Snapdragon 730G processor is suitable for the high graphics settings;
  • The main five optical stabilisation cameras are good in any shooting conditions;
  • High autonomy at the level of 10-12 hours of active screen time;
  • NFC support (contactless payments);
  • Built-in fingerprint scanner
  • Frequent software updates.


  • The price of the smartphone is a bit high;
  • MIUI 's brand shell may not be liked by the presence of advertising;
  • There is almost no supply of performance for the future

Extra features

In-screen fingerprint scanner, contactless payment (NFC) support

The fifth position in the list of the best smartphones under 600 usd goes to the beautiful both in design and photographic capabilities Xiaomi Mi Note 10. In green or black or white colors the phone looks very expensive and interesting. The original design of the five photo modules, the  hardened glass rear panel , the metal edging, the large 6.47-inch AMOLED panel without frames give an extremely positive impression of the exterior of the fablet. The display also does not disappoint. High resolution of 2340x1080 pixels, excellent brightness and contrast, absence of eye-damaging PWM effect thanks to DC Dimming technology, an effective oleophobic coating allow you to  enjoy while working with the screen. The technical characteristics are not that impressive. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, along with 6gb of RAM and the Adreno 618 video chip, can also be found in the less expensive devices, and there is a little margin of power. But now it's doing well with all the demanding games. The 108- (Samsung S5KHMX), 20- (wide-angle module), 12-, 8- (TV lenses) and 2-megapixel (macro) cameras with an optical stabilization and 2-fold zoom will please the quality of photos and videos even in the terrible lighting conditions. The autonomy of the battery in the 5260mAh is also surprising. About 10-12 hours of active screen time will become common for the buyer. NFC, a separate 3,5mm headphone connector, an in-screen fingerprint scanner can be added to the list of the advantages of the device. As the downsides we may note advertising in the MIUI brand shell based on Android Q and a bit overestimated price tag for the performance. However, for the real mobile photographers, these shortcomings will not be critical.

Price: 372.43€ ($445.00). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Xiaomi Mi Note 10 prices

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468.66€ ($559.99)

4. Xiaomi Mi 9 Global 6/64Gb

Xiaomi Mi 9 - on the way to the perfection


  • Outstanding frame-free and practically devoid of PWM effect AMOLED high-resolution panel;
  • Responsive in-display fingerprint sensor;
  • The top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855 gaming processor, which will have a capacity for another 4-5 years for all games;
  • High-quality triple camera of 48 megapixels will please the quality of evening and afternoon pictures;
  • Autonomy at the level of 7 hours of an active screen time allows you to forget about recharging;
  • Appearance of the hardened glass metal case will be remembered for a long time;
  • A useful infrared port for controlling household appliances;
  • NFC (contactless payments);
  • fast wireless charging.


  • No separate headphone jack;
  • The design of the MIUI brand shell can cause both delight and ardent hatred;
  • Stabilizing the image of the main cameras is far from ideal.

Extra features

Infrared port for home appliances, NFC (contactless payments), wireless charging, in-screen fingerprint sensor

A stylish and ambitious device from the Chinese company Xiaomi didn't have a bit to be in the leading positions of the list of the best smartphones. I want to note the main advantage of the device - the top Snapdragon 855 game processor at a relatively low price of the device. Being the most affordable smartphone based on this chip, the gadget has no noticeable problems in other aspects of the successful flagship. Elegant shapes of the body made of hardened glass and metal will be liked even by an extremely sophisticated user, and the combination of a triple photo module, a frame-free screen with a fingerprint scanner brings the design if not to perfection but at the very high level. The 6.39-inch AMOLED screen not only has a 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution of  and good brightness and contrast, but also practically has no the unpleasant PWM effect. Let's stop on the cameras. The main 48, 16 and 12-megapixel photo modules from Sony are able to surprise with high-quality and detailed photos even under the mediocre lighting conditions. Only stabilization of the video can upset the buyer a little, because it does not reach the level of the real cameraphones. The battery capacity is small (3300mAh), but the manufacturer has done everything possible to optimize the software, due to this it's able to achieve a pleasant 7 hours of active screen time. Unfortunately, the MIUI shell interface itself is often critisized, and embedded advertising is here. Positive moments also include infrared port for management of household appliances, NFC support (contactless payments), full wireless charging. Music lovers will probably be  disappointed by the lack of a separate headphone outlet. However, for the proposed amount of money Xiaomi Mi 9 has already managed to find an army of millions of fans. Why not become one of them?

Price: 275.24€ ($328.88). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Xiaomi Mi 9 Global 6/64Gb prices

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Aliexpress / Xiaomi Mi Store
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Mi Store
275.24€ ($328.88)
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Retail Store
Aliexpress / Xiaomi Retail Store
346.61€ ($414.15)
393.17€ ($469.79)

3. Meizu 16S 6/128Gb

Meizu 16S - a smartphone you won't take your eyes off


  • An attractive brand design of the glass and metal case  can leave only positive emotions;
  • Amazing 6.2-inch frame-free AMOLED display has no disadvantages;
  • The top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855 processor is designed fo ther maximize graphics settings in all games;
  • A sniffing double camera from Sony which gorgeous even for a night shooting;
  • Battery in 3600mAh will last for 8 hours of an active screen time;
  • NFC support (contactless payments)
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner in the display;
  • excellent stereospeakers.


  • The interface of the brand FlymeOS can also cause both positive and negative emotions;
  • No separate headphone output;
  • Software updates will not be available frequently.

Extra features

Built-in fingerprint scanner, NFC (contactless payments), stereo speakers

The third place receives a strikingly beautiful gadget from the Chinese company Meizu. It seems that the developer is getting well after the numerous financial problems and now is ready to surprise us with increasingly technological and thought-out devices. The ergonomic hardened glass case is wrapped in a high-quality metal, the rear panel has not only the logo of the manufacturer, but also a double camera and the perfectly selected colors. The 6.2-inch AMOLED panel with fingerprint scanner has no both frames and cuts for the front camera. Fablet looks incredibly stylish and graceful among devices under 600 usd. Display quality corresponds to the highest price segment of the market. Brightness, contrast, detail of the image at FullHD resolution - even  more expensive devices do not always boast such a picture. The flagship specs represented by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and Adreno 640 video accelerator have not been forgotten either. Gamers will definitely appreciate such a combination, because even such resource-intensive projects as PUBG and Fortnite function without any lag on the maximum graphics settings. A pair of the 48 and 20-megapixel photo modules from Sony are responsible for the photographic capabilities. Competent optimization of their software allowed to achieve an amazing photography even at the night time. Practically a complete absence of the noises is ensured. The battery capacity is seriously increased compared to the last model of the line. From the battery in the 3600mAh smartphone "lives" a good 7-8 hours of active screen time. The long-awaited NFC will also be a joy for many of the firm 's fans. However, a separate headphone jack was removed , and rare software updates can also be written into the shortcomings, and the FlymeOS shell itself, which causes even more controversy than MIUI from Xiaomi. But these disadvantages cannot worsen the impression of one of the most powerful, attractive and balanced phones of value category.

Price: 0.00€ ($0.00). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

2. Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb

Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro - maximized processability


  • A bright and contrasting frame-free AMOLED panel deserves only the compliments;
  • The fingerprint scanner is built into the screen;
  • The power of the Snapdragon 855 top processor can only be struck;
  • The main triple camera of the 48 megapixels will give many clear and detailed photographs;
  • The extremely large battery in the 4000mAh will give  you the nine hours of an active screen time;
  • Full NFC support (contactless payments);
  • Thought-out to the smallest details the design of the case pleases the eye;
  • Stylish retractable front camera.


  • Photographic capabilities of the device are slightly worse than those of analogues at a similar price;
  • MIUI's brand shell has a peculiar design that may not be liked;
  • Absence of some technological functions (wireless charging, IR port for household appliances control)

Extra features

NFC support (contactless payments), retractable front camera, built-in fingerprint sensor

The silver medal goes to another gadget from Xiaomi. In all aspects the fablet tries more than to correspond to the current fashion. If the frame-free 6.39-inch AMOLED panel is difficult to surprise anyone today, the retractable front camera, triple photo module, built-in fingerprint scanner and attractive gradient colors of the glass case are definitely impressive. The quality of the image displayed by the screen is flagship, brightness and contrast of the picture with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels is sufficient even in the direct rays of the sun. How are the technical specs? Amazingly. The powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and Adreno 640 video adapter are the best solution for today's games, ready to run the most demanding projects on maximum graphics settings. The basic 48 (Sony IMX586), 13 (TV lens) and 8-megapixel (wide-angle lens) photo models are simpler than those on Mi 9, but can still create the magnificent frames even in the evening. But autonomy thanks to the battery in the 4000mAh tightened and reached about nine hours of an active screen time. Note also the presence of NFC and a separate audio output for the headphones. What about the flaws? Well, perhaps only the peculiar design of the MIUI shell, and the absence of such "chips" as infrared port and wireless charging. But in our opinion, these are already little things, unable to ruin the impression of the great in all respects device.

Price: 0.00€ ($0.00). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

1. Realme X2 Pro Global

Oppo Realme X2 Pro - ready in half an hour


  • Eye-pleasing AMOLED panel with high brightness supply and picture refresh rate of 90 hertz;
  • Strict but at the same time insanely attractive design of a quality glass and metal case ;
  • flagship's most powerful Snapdragon  855 Plus processor will deliver the exclusively maximum graphics settings;
  • The amazing four cameras in 64 megapixels for almost any shooting conditions;
  • The battery in the 4000mAh should be expected to be autonomous at the level of 8 hours of active screen time;
  • Charging the battery from 0 to 100% in 30 minutes;
  • NFC (contactless payments);
  • Built-in fingerprint scanner
  • loud stereospeakers


  • The photographic capabilities of the main cameras are still difficult to call top;
  • Lack wireless charging and IP68 protection against dust and moisture

Extra features

NFC (contactless payments), built-in fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers

The gold medal in the list of the best smartphones under 600 goes to an amazing flagship from the Chinese company Realme. This device demonstrates everything that the new brand is only capable of. The appearance of the new product is not original, but fully meets the needs of the modern users. Interesting colors of bodies made of high-quality metal and hardened glass, the attractive four photo models on the back panel,frameless 6.5-inch AMOLED-panel will look quite good. The installed display is surprising in quality. The highest resolution of 2400x1080 pixels, outstanding brightness and contrast, picture refresh rate in the 90Hz, effective DC Dimming technology to control the vision-threatening PWM effect will be liked by even the most adorable customers. Technical specs deserve the same words. The efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 8gb RAM, "overclocked" Adreno 640 graphics adapter - what else do gamers need for happiness? Mobile photographers also won't be upset with the abilities of 64- (Samsung GW1), 13- (TV lens), 8- (chic-angle) and 2-megapixel (portrait sensor), even though they do not bring the gadget to the rank of the"camera phones," but gives an opportunity to think not only about the day, but also about the evening shooting. A large battery of 4000mAh provides about eight hours of active screen time and charges from zero to one hundred percent in less than 30 minutes! Fantastic! Separate headphone output, contactless payments, screen fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers and good software support allow you to ignore the absence of wireless charging, IP68 protection and other premium "chips." The device is ready to win our hearts without them.

Price: 383.30€ ($457.99). We check over 100 stores every day for the best prices - show all prices

Today's best Realme X2 Pro Global prices

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383.30€ ($457.99)

All the devices listed in the ranking will allow you to enjoy the demanding games on the maximum graphics settings. However the greatest stock of productivity for the future and the good results in a benchmark Antutu you can find the at smartphones on the basis of the Snapdragon 855/Plus processor (Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro, Meizu 16S, Oppo Realme X2 Pro).

Antutu benchmark (smartphone performance rating) Antutu benchmark (smartphone performance rating)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Global 6/128Gb
6.53 inches (2340x1080) Gorilla glass / Helio G90T / 6Gb / 128GB / 64Mp Samsung GW1 / 4500mAh
Doogee S95 Pro 8/128Gb
6.3 inches (2160x1080) Gorilla glass / Helio P90 / 8Gb / 128GB / 48Mp Sony IMX586 / 5150mAh
Xiaomi Mi 9 T 6/64Gb
6.39" (2340x1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 730 / 6Gb / 64GB / 48Mp Sony IMX582 / 4000mAh
Realme X2 Global
6.4" (2340x1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 730G / 8Gb / 128GB / 64Mp Samsung GW1 / 4000mAh
Xiaomi Mi 8 6/128Gb
6.21 inches (2248х1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 845 / 6Gb / 128GB / 12Mp Sony IMX363 / 3400mAh
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
6.47 inches (2340x1080) Gorilla glass / Snapdragon 730G / 6Gb / 128GB / 108Mp Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX / 5260mAh
Xiaomi Mi 9 Global 6/64Gb
6.4 inches (2340x1080) Gorilla glass / Snapdragon 855 / 6Gb / 64GB / 48Mp Sony IMX586 / 3300mAh
Meizu 16S 6/128Gb
6.2" (2232x1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 855 / 6Gb / 128GB / 48Mp Sony IMX586 / 3600mAh
Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb
6.39" (2340x1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 855 / 6Gb / 128GB / 48Mp Sony IMX586 / 4000mAh
Realme X2 Pro Global
6.5 inches (2400x1080) Curved Glass / Snapdragon 855 Plus / 8Gb / 128GB / 64Mp Samsung GW1 / 3900mAh

Compare Meizu 16S 6/128Gb vs Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb vs Realme X2 Pro Global

Name Meizu 16S 6/128Gb Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb Realme X2 Pro Global
  Antutu benchmark 377374 388446 471779
  CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
  Diagonal size 6.2 " 6.39 " 6.5 "
  Resolution 2232x1080 2340x1080 2400x1080
  Multi-touch (number of touches) 10 10 10
  Bezel-less Yes Yes Yes
  RAM 6 Gb 6 Gb 8 Gb
  ROM 128 GB 128 GB 128 GB
  External memory No No MicroSD (TF), supports cards up to 256Gb
  Rear camera 48 Mp 48 Mp 64 Mp
  Camera Dual Camera Triple Camera Four cameras
  Sensor model Sony IMX586 Sony IMX586 Samsung GW1
  dxomark mobile ranking
  dxomark (photo)
  dxomark (video)
  Front (selfie) camera 20 Mp 20 Mp 16 Mp
  Battery 3600 mAh 4000 mAh 3900 mAh
  Wireless charging No No No
  Network 4 G 4 G 4 G
  Sim cards
  WiFi Yes Yes Yes
  Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
  NFC Yes Yes Yes
  Navigation (Positioning) GPS, A-GPS, GLONAS GPS, A-GPS, GLONAS GPS, A-GPS, GLONAS
  Notifications Led Yes Yes No
  Fingerprint's scanner Yes Yes Yes
  Operating system (OS) Android 9.0 Android 9.0 Android 9.0
  Material Metal frame and glass case Metal frame and glass case Metal frame and glass case
  Weight 165 g 191 g 199 g
  Dimensions 151,9 х 73,4 х 7,65 mm 159,21 x 75,21 x 8,1 mm 161 x 75.7 x 8.7 mm
  Price Discontinued. View all Meizu models here
Alternatives to the Meizu 16S 6/128Gb:
Meizu M6T 2/16Gb - Compare
Meizu M10 - Compare
Discontinued. View all Xiaomi models here
Alternatives to the Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb:
Xiaomi Redmi 8 4/64Gb - Compare
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 12/256Gb - Compare
Xiaomi Mi 10S 12/256Gb - Compare
383.30€ ($457.99) See Details

Which of the smartphone is the best to buy under 600 usd?

This turned out to be the rating of the best smartphones of 2021 under 600 usd. It is pleasant to realize that for this amount of money today it is quite easy to find an ultimatic flagship without any serious shortcomings, and the choice of mobile assistants is really great. However, do not get confused in the variety of interesting options to buy, let me give the following recommendations for TOP 10 devices:

  • In price/quality ratio - Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro;
  • Phone under 600 usd with good camera - Xiaomi Mi Note 10;
  • With the most powerful battery - Xiaomi Mi Note 10;
  • The best gaming smartphone is the Oppo Realme X2 Pro;
  • For work - Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro

How to choose a good smartphone under 600 usd?

To select the most accurate mobile assistant from the described TOP 10 under 600 usd, use these tips:

  • Define for yourself in advance the lists of advantages that you wish to see in the future device, and the disadvantages with which don't match you.
  • Select from the list those models that contain the least number of disadvantages in your list.
  • Choose from the remaining smartphones the ones that feature the most pros from your list.
  • Make a deal on the Unite4Buy!


  1. 💎 What is the best phone right now?
    These are the best phones available today:

    Meizu 16S 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

    Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

    Realme X2 Pro Global - 383.30€ ($457.99)

  2. ⚡ Which phones are best for gaming?
    Best gaming phone: the top 3 mobile game performers

    Realme X2 Pro Global - 383.30€ ($457.99)

  3. ✔️ What is the Best Budget Smartphone?
    Best Cheap Phones:

    Meizu 16S 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

    Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Global 6/128Gb - 164.03€ ($195.99)

  4. ⭐ Which mobile phones support NFC?
    Best phones with NFC

    Realme X2 Pro Global - 383.30€ ($457.99)

    Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

    Meizu 16S 6/128Gb - 0.00€ ($0.00)

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